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Zhen Chi Polysaccharides

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K ang Jian,s Zhen C hi Polysaccharid

Key Features

As the molecular weight of polysaccharides in mushrooms and fungi
may come in large size of tens of thousands, or even millions, so they are
generally called “polysaccharides.” Polysaccharides can be divided into
non-active polysaccharides (such as starch) and active polysaccharides
(such as mushroom and fungus polysaccharides). Only active
polysaccharides, in particularly the mushroom and fungus extracts have
the best efficacy. The β-glucan extract of m ushroom s and fungi are m ost
appropriate for hum an body, capable of prom oting various physiological
functions and m etabolism reactions to achieve physical fitness, and nourishing
and strengthening the body that cannot be accom plished by non-active
polysaccharides. The non-active polysaccharides, such as starch, can only
provide the body w ith a heat source and unable to benefit the body to achieve
physiological regulation function.

There are m any kinds of Zhen C hi polysaccharides w ith strong activities,
being dom inated by β-(1→3),β-(1→4) andβ-(1→6) glycosidic bonds of
β-glucan contained in G anoderm a lucidum . These m ultiple glycosidic bonds
of polysaccharides are abie to com plem ent each other to achieve a
“m ultiplication” effect. Triterpenoids m ainly com e in tw o kinds, nam ely
ganoderm a lucidum triterpenolids and triterpenoids of A ntrodia cinnam om ea.

The com plex hum an body,s structures require different kinds of active
elem ents, and Zhen C hi polysaccharides have currently com bined a variety of
polysaccharides, triterpenoids and different kinds of special nutrients to give
the best efficacy. These com positions have form ed a good com bination to
com plem ent each other and play their roles fully, and at the sam e tim e, also
start up a good synergy effect.

K ang Jian,s Zhen C hi Polysaccharides are prepared according to an
appropriate proportion of A ntrodia cinnam om ea (solid-sate cultivation of
fruiting bodies)extract, G anoderm a lucidum fruiting body extract, C oriolus
vericolor fruiting body extract, Phellinus linteus fruiting body extract, etc. The
high concentration and com plete active ingredients is able to prom ote norm al
m etabolism of hum an body. and provide excellent benefit to regulate the
physique and adjust the physiological functions.

Specification of K ang Jian,s Zhen C hiPolysaccharides: C ontaining m ore
than 15% of polysaccharides.

Inspection unit: SGS

Last Update : 2012-10-01
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