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Your Noni SOD-Like Marigold and Black Currant Fermented Concentrated powder

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Key Features

Your Noni SOD-Like Marigold and Black Currant Fermented Concentrated Powder

● The R&D with Tunghai University in Taiwan.
● Patent for sugar-free fermentation technology.
● Forestry Research Institute authorize Cultivation technology .
●This Product test:SOD-Like activity , Lutein , Zeaxanthin , Nutrition Facts , Pesticide , Heavy metals , Plasticizer.

The product manufactured by Noni patent (Taiwan patent NO. I448251) and process Marigold、Black Currant and Integrated fruits and vegetables fermentation, use vacuum low temperature Freeze drying concentrated procedure to keep high Lutein、Zeaxanthin、SOD-Like activities and make sure all the fermented powder is in the best flavor and good absorption. Suitable for people with eye strain.

Product Name:Your Noni SOD-Like Marigold and Black Currant Fermented Concentrated Powder

Ingredients:fruits and vegetables fermented concentrated powder (noni,black currant, peach, litchi, red grapefruit, red grape, apple, prune, pomegranate, orange, tomato, purple radish, aronia, cranberry, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, gooseberry, white grape, carrot, sugar cane, passion fruit, pineapple, lemon, broccoli, celery, asparagus, blueberry, waxberry, mulberry, maltodextrin), marigold extract (lutein, zeaxanthin), bilberry, eyebright.

Capacity:3 g / 30 pcaks / box

Recommended daily use:After a meal, 1 pack daily. Consume directly or diluted in 100 ml with cold water for drinking. For better taste, refrigerate before drinking, shake well before drinking.

Storage:Please put in the cool and dry place, avoid wet, high temperature and sunshine.

Notice:The product contains fruits, pectin and other natural ingredients. Discoloration is natural phenomena. Depend on the season of harvest, the flavor will vary slightly. Make safe eating.

Shelf life:2 years

Request Manufacturer : Scopoletin Biotech, Inc.
Address : 2F., No.10, Shunfeng Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 236, Taiwan .
Customer Service TEL : +886-2-2269-0030

Last Update : 2019-01-31
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