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Vitapearl — Merriness Enzyme

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  • Form : Liquid

Key Features


Premium Taiwanese local raw materials of vegetables, fruits and herbal plants selected strictly.

Natural herbs 60%  Fresh vegetables and fruits 40%

Lilium bulbsChineseYamChineseWolfberryjujubemulberryleaflotus seedlotus rootperrilachrysanthemumdandelionspinachcelerysweet potatolettucewhite gourdluffasweet pepperasparaguspumpkinwalnutpine nutblack earsshitake mushroomneedle mushroomorganic biobeet crystalscabbagepea sproutscarrotpotatoraphanus sativusradish sproutstring beanbroccoliwatermelonmuskmelonorangeapplepearlitchibananawax applepineapplepapayaloquatgrapekumquatpomelolemonplumavocadoplumtomatohoney peachpassion fruitcantaloupe


Recommend users

daily busyweighty pressureabnormal dietattendhealth of those peoples in middle or prime age
Vitality abundant    Key of energy
  • Selected various natural herbs, fresh vegetables and fruits which are grown in a pollution-free environment, without pesticides 
  • Unique biotechnology fermented formulated varieties of activation and nourishing elements of enzyme
  • Promote metabolism、smooth defecation、regulate physique、maintain body health

Health declaration


  1. Selected various natural herbals, freshvegetables and fruits which are grown in a pollution-free environment, withoutpesticides
  2. Specialized RDteam, unique fermented technique, serious guard productive process, bestquality guarantee
  3. Rich contentfour kinds dissolution activation protease, amylase, lipase, cellulose
  4. High volumecontent SOD enzyme (superoxide dismutase)
  5. Morephotochemical, Se, coenzyme, nucleic acid, amino acids, polysaccharide, vitamins,minerals microelements, polyphenols etc., what benefit for human body
  6. Withoutmedicine, pesticides, heavy metal, preservatives, plasticizers and additives
  7. Approved byvarious food certifications by credible independent examination institutes inTaiwan
  8. Absolutely vegetal materials formulated issafe for vegetarians

Superior enzyme  

Notice before apply


  • Mix 15~30cc diluted with cold or warm water (temperature of water not exceeding 40℃)
  • Twice to fourth times daily apply, amount and consistency could be adjusted to own preference, before or after meal are proper
  • 「Reverse reaction」on body may occur after initial apply, follow regular will getting better 
  • Diabetic or dialysis sickness need to dilution 20 times in separation more but less amount
  • Vitapearl enzyme is nature plant formulated what variation of tastes and colors might occur due to the different seasonal fruits and vegetables obtained.
  • Any suspension or deposits on Vitapearl enzyme are nature condition, guarantee to apply

Last Update : 2016-09-09
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