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Vaginal Cleansing and Moisturizing Treatment

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Key Features

Vaginal Cleansing and Moisturizing Treatment
All In One-Effectiveness
Real Beauty Tone Tighten Essence
 Autologous Hormone Therapy:regain youth, good heath, self-confident, beautiful
 Vagina firmness
 To increase vaginal sensitivity, improve sexual life, to make happy family.
 Moisturizing.
 It help to regain the beautiful vagina.
 To improve menopausal syndrome.
 Affable menorrhalgia, premenstrual syndrome.
 Increase the chances of pregnancy.
Real Beauty Cleanser
 Anti-bacteria, sterilizing bacteria, Anti-virus, sterilizing virus, eliminating fungi,
        against infection, prevention of gynecological diseases.
 Deodorant. To embarrassing smell, such as fishlike smell.
 To keep your private part dry and fresh.
 To maintain vaginal flora balance ,and to enhance the ability of against diseases.
 Reduce vaginal secretions, such as leukorrhea etc….
Real Beauty Feminine Care Products are Women’s best friend    
 People who smell bad on private part.
 Patients with premenstrual syndrome
 Menopausal women
 Panty liner users
 Menstrual women
 Prostitution
 People who have sexuality life
 Those who use public toilets
 Those who wear bodysuit, such as  jeans
 Sweating constitution
 Those whose vagina is dry which caused by estrogen reduction
 Those who frequently go swimming and have hip bath。
 Those who love outdoor activities and intense excise
 Those who want private part whitening
 Crossing legs
 T-string lovers
 Cystitis, vaginitis patients

The Bacteria Variety of  【Orange Extract 】Anti-bacteria Effectiveness
(from Australian National Laboratory )

Suggested Use
Real Beauty Tone Tighten Essence
 Massage with suitable amount on private office about 2 ~3 minutes. Once day and night.
 Before have a sexual intercourse.
Real Beauty Cleanser
Apply cleanser to private part after shower or bath
 After using the toilet (especially using public toilets) .
 Before and after have a sexual intercourse.
 Applied  on the sanitary napkin to prevent a bacteria breeding.
 Anytime you need it.

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Last Update : 2012-03-07
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