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UmayC Neo Tablet

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The best solution for UTI

Key Features

ACROBIO is the manufacturer for Prosta-OK Neo Tablet and LungCare Tablet. We have more than 10 years experience in making supplements, or Neo tablets.Taiwan LungCare Tablet, Neo Tablet Manufacturer - ACROBIO HEALTHCARE INC. | Taiwantrade.com

UmayC Neo is an Amazing nutraceutical for prevention of urinary tract infection and as an adjuvant to antibiotics during acute urinary tract infection. (with clinical evidences)

We cooperated with Teaching Hospitals in Taiwan studying the efficacy of UmayC Neo and published in global journals.

Its mechanism differs from antibiotics, instead of killing the pathogens, UmayC Neo exerts its UTI-prevention effect through:

(1) inhibits pathogen invading possibility by suppressing mucolysis and maintaining the integrity mucous lining, and

(2) increases pathogen-phagocytosis of macrophage by modulating immunity activity, and

(3) increases flushing out efficiency of pathogens by cranberry extract.



The patented formulation 

(certified by Taiwan, USA, Canada, Japan, China, HK and Australia):

Contain herbal extract of Acrobio TS®, Acrobio GL®, and Gentianae) 330mg

Other ingredients:

Cranberry extract  300 mg

Calcium Lactate  45 mg

Vitamin C    15 mg

Excipients 260mg

Average weight : 950mg per tablet or sachet


UmayC Neo are formally recommended in the educational pamphlet which was compiled by Taiwan Urological Association for the prevention of incident of recurrent urinary tract infections and is particularly designed for those suffering from chronic or recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI), such as patients of long-term in need of urinary tract catheterization. It effectively reduces precipitates in the urine and mitigates the putrid urinal odor resulting from infection or inflammation. Unlike the antibiotics, UmayC Neo has strong anti-inflammation function.



1. Herbal extract Acrobio TS® suppresses the matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), which are induced by inflammation or infection and trigger the mucolysis for causing the breakdown of glycosaminoglycan (GAG). Thus, it can reduce the chance of pathogen invasion of urothelium and limit the inflammation expansion.

2. Herbal extract Acrobio GL® enhances the phagocytosis of macrophages to remove the invading pathogens and exerts anti-inflammatory effect as well.

3. Proanthocyanosides of Concentrated Cranberry Extract bind to the fimbriae of virulent pathogens, and inhibit the adhesion of pathogens to urothelium.



1. Maintains the structural integrity of the mucus lining(glycosaminoglycan) in urothelium hence decreasing the chance of pathogen invasion.

2. Enhances phagocytosis of macrophages and thereby to further defend the invasion of pathogens.

3. Prevents bacterial adherence to urothelium surface membranes in the urinary tract.

4. It does not interfere with the metabolism of bacteria, therefore render less concern of inducing resistance to antibiotics.



1. Effective in prevention of UTI; alleviates the symptoms of UTI.

2. Through natural way, human body counters both infection and inflammation, whereas antibiotics can only counter the infection.

3. Reduces the number of pathogens inside the urinary tract thus reducing the chance of infection.

4. It is less likely to develop resistance comparing with antibiotics.



(a)    Preventive treatment (prophylaxis) for recurrent or chronic UTI, especially for long-term on-foley patients, diabetic patients, midlife women, neurogenic bladder patients, stroke patients etc…

(b) Adjuvant to antibiotics for acute UTI.

Product Certification

Last Update : 2018-05-31
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