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Functional Food Supplement: Weight Loss Powder

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Food supplement powder for blood cholesterol reduction and glycemic control.

Key Features

  • The best food supplement powder for body fat reduction, blood cholesterol reduction, glycemic control, and weight loss
  • Safe anti-obesity agent that can be given to children and elderly users
  • Our functional food supplement products offer better weight loss benefits 

Food & Nutraceutical Applications

Multiple grades are available for food and beverage applications, including PROPOL® RS and RHEOLEX® LM.
They turn the conventional food to a value-added “healthy food”, with shelf life / texture enhancement.
Our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 or FSSC22000 certified.

Supplement and Functional Food applications


The highest grade glucomannan for nutraceutical applications. The assured clinical functionalities are confirmed with the abundant international published studies. Most suitable for supplements and nutrition bars for its well-documented functionalities.
Approved health claims by EU- EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) for the reduction of Body Weight, and for the maintenance of normal blood Cholesterol concentrations.

Weight Loss, Body fat reduction Blood cholesterol reduction Glycemic control (stabilization) Time-release formula agent Non-calorie satiety agent Safe anti-obesity agent for children and elderly users.

Complete Safety Studies
Pharmaceutical level studies conducted including dose-response, toxicity, acute toxicity and on in utero-exposed  F1 rats.


Time Release Excipient

- Patented in the United States

- Effective Time-Release

- Just "simple mixture" of API and PROPOL® TR

- No more micro-encapsulation

- 100% natural, fiber formula

- Applicable to hard-capsule, tablet frmula, powder formula, sport nutrition, lactobacillus supplements etc.


Complete Safety Studies
The most popular grade for food processing applications, with smooth texture. Delivers very high and stable viscosity, with quick hydration. applications delivers high water-holding capacity, longer shelf life and improved texture.
Proven record as the ingredient of various products of major food companies, including bakery, confectionaries, sauce, and meat applications.

Conformed grade to EU- EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) for the reduction of body weight and for the  maintenance of normal blood Cholesterol concentrations.

Non-viscous, user-friendly grade
This newly developed, non-viscous glucomannan (PropolMannan), Is open for a wide variety of applications. The user-friendly nature of the product brings various functional benefits without  adding extra viscosity to food. Additional benefits for good water holding capacity for bakery, frozen and for satiating beverage (both for powder and ready to drink).



Cosmetic Applications PROPOL® series products are ECOCERT certified, and
- Sustainable
- Bio-degradable natural & 100% plant based material.


Elastic Scrub Agent(PROPOL® ISLB)

Natural, bio-degradable, elastic hydro-balls give you a healthier clean - washing away dirt, oil and makeup without the damage, and with unique gentle touch. Best substitution for plastic microbeads.
Suitable for filmy residue and  dry, damaged skin.  Meet your refreshingly clean, healthy and soft skin with dual-jelly-layered balls. Plant based. sustainable, food grade material.


Gel-Forming Visosifier

The non-ionic, plant-based viscosifier with stable, high level water-holding capacity.
Salt stable, sustainable material.
Multiple grades are available depending on the requested properties.


Applications :
・Skin moisturizer ・Gel formulas ・Moisturizing masks ・Color cosmetics ・Powder formulas

Last Update : 2019-09-06
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