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Tesla world Tea

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Key Features

We sell ( Colorful world Tea )Taiwanese tea from tea cultivation, picking baked goods such as tea technology are required to achieve adherence to every tea process, following the ancient intentions baking, to provide high-quality tea.

Tea is a traditional drink, is one of the important economic crop in Taiwan, Taiwanese tea to the development of far more than two centuries of history, had to create many brilliant export records,, more Taiwan over the past century industrial economy to lay an important foundation in the invisible culture and education and to enhance the humanities and quality of the society as a whole, but also plays an important functional role.

The quality of tea depends on personal preference, in order to let the world know of Taiwan tea and the elegant beauty of Taiwan's tea culture , we selected the pure high-quality tea products, to create a new Taiwanese impression!

Feature Description

Tea-growing areas selected by the Company to meet our quality requirements, the primary considerations. Mining contract cooperation mode. So here only to sell a selection of high mountain good tea, Our business philosophy, uphold the "integrity first" stick "business ethics", we insist that every detail, never sloppy, our product inspection, Are in compliance with all relevant laws and the conscience of the validation, strict control of our own products in order to allow consumers to drink the peace of mind.

Our tea when the harvest, When the fertilization, All along the season, never advance or delay, let the tea harvested in the best condition, So that consumers can taste the best tea drinking, We strictly supervise every tea process. So that their own tea to drink up the throat rhyme better In order to let the world can experience the high mountain tea sweet, and we will forward towards internationalization

Overturn the traditional break through the traditional tea Features:

1.Breakthrough technology - the colorful world of tea quality and stability

2.Remove and reduce the caffeine in the tea. Theophylline., And tannic acid. Taste    not bitter. not astringent.

3.The Unique rich aroma of tea taste smooth soft. Fluently. Glycol.

4.Tea health. Inspire tea natural to fasting tea not hurt the stomach not drunk tea Insomnia.

5.Health Tea containing a variety of essential amino acids. Minerals and trace elements (potassium, zinc iron copper. Calcium magnesium ...

6.Natural tea healthy. Naturally without any added enzyme. Vitamin .. flavored feeding tea .. etc. is a tea treasures.

7 Retain Antioxidants ingredients such as tea catechins. tea red pigment. Vitamins.. Generate beneficial to humans small molecule active substances help balance the body metabolism served.

8.Resistant bulbs release 30 bulbs.

9.The colorful world of tea is the best. Always visible-called * Circle *

10.The colorful world of tea is an exceptionally strong adsorption force. Therefore should be taken only paper cans

11distinguish A.Oriental Beauty tea oil solution tired. Refreshing. Introduction of Oriental Beauty attach.

Oriental Beauty series only 7-8 bulbs around. Brewing accordance with the general one minute brewing

           B. colorful world tea containing more y-amino acids. Having the sedative. (Reference γ-amino butyric acid) (Abbreviated GABA)

         The colorful world of tea is exceptional number one tea. Therefore; first 3-5 seconds bubble pour pot out

12 colorful world of tea is not suitable for cold soak, hot soak, let cool (to break the traditional)

13. Need to pay attention to the water quality of the tea.


Last Update : 2016-05-12
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