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Taiwan Mountain Teas: Fine Oolong, Green, Black Tea

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ACE TEA | A Cup of Good Time.


  • Areas  : Alishan, Shang Lin Xi, Lishan, Da Yu Ling, Hsinchu Emei,
  • Packaging : Foil vacuumed bags, Tea bags, Bulk pack, Customization
  • Payment Term : T/T in advance
  • Sampling Policy : Free sample teas with paid freight cost
  • Standard Production Lead Time : 7 days
  • Trade Term : FOB Taiwan
  • Wholesaling Minimum (MOQ) : 1 kilogram

Key Features

Fine Mountain Oolong (Wulong) Tea


Olong tea is a range of teas oxidized around 15% to 90%. They vary greatly in appearance, aroma and tasting profile. Many tea lovers consider Oolong to be the pinnacle of what tea should and can be. 

ACE TEA supplies a wide range of high quality Oolongs directly from High Mountain Tea Farms, growing with natural farming approach. 

Cooperation from wholesalers, distributors, retailers, tea shops are warmly welcomed! We sincerely invite tea lovers all over the world to explore the beauty of Formosa Oolong with us.



mountain oolong,  fine wulong


1. Ali Shan (Mt. Ali): 1200-1600m
2. Shan Link Si: 1400-1800m
3. He Huan Shan (Mt. He Huan): 1800m-2000m
4. Li Shan (Mt. Pear): 2000-2400m
5. Da Yu Lin (Mt. Ridge Da Yu): 2600-2800m 





Artisanal rolled into small tight balls. 

Unfurled leaves in beautifully whole shape. Thick and tender.

Pale yellow color with multi-layers of fascinating floral or fruity tones and earthy notes with naturally very sweet aftertaste.  



ace tea taiwan, premium tea, chinese tea

Premium Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea

ACE TEA supplies premium Taiwan High Mountain Teas in Oolong, Green, Black, or Blends. With direct supply from tea farms above 3280ft, we ensure a stable supply of top quality teas with the best pricing at lowest minimum ever.


Our tea Masters, with over 30 years of experiences, unceasingly devoted to the art of producing the top-quality teas and had won top prizes in more than 20 Competitions of Taiwan High Mountain Teas.


We select only young tender and one-tip-three-leaf sprout harvested in spring and winter seasons. All our teas must go through strict agricultural chemical examination.


Please visit our official website at www.aceteatw.com for more of our tea selections. 




 ace tea mountain tea farms custom tea




Loose leaves from 1 kilogram only. Further discount will be offered for bulk purchasing.


Our in-house design team offers you all aspect brand packaging solution

Rectangular pillow & triangle pyramid tea bag with customized design pouches.



○ Tender Leaves
○ Nature Farming
○ One-tip Three Leaves
○ High Mountain Tea Farms
○ Sweet Aftertaste
○ Delicate Scent
○ No Artificial Flavor
○ Non-harmful Residues








Test Report of Rapid Bioassay for Pesticide Residues


Phytosanitary Certificate




WEBSITE www.aceteatw.com
EMAIL twacetea@gmail.com
WECHAT ID: jess-chiu
WHATSAPP +886-921-834-053
LINE ID: @uzi4086e


● FAQs 


What is the difference between Chinese tea and Taiwan tea?

Taiwan is lucky to have great environment for tea growing. With ages of developing tea technology, Taiwan has produced many top quality Mountain teas growing at an elevation more than 1000 meters high. To name some, "Dong Ding Oolong," "Alishan Oolong," "Lishan Oolong," "Oriental Beauty," and "Red Jade Black" No need to mention "Oolong King" that is previously sought after by tea connoisseurs. Taiwanese teas are famous for its refreshing and delicate mouthfeel with sweet aftertaste due to the unique growing conditions that you won't be able to find anywhere else. Most high mountain teas are lightly oxidized and minimally roasted to retain their fresh, crisp flavors. 

Why choose ACE TEA?

CE TEA carefully picks only tender leaves only in two seasons every year, in Spring and Winter. We supply high quality teas directly from high mountain farms at very reasonable prices. Our teas are produced by well-experienced master that had won numerous awards of high mountain tea competitions with over 30 years experiences. You are unlikely to find the same quality Taiwan Teas that we offer at local wholesalers overseas. Our objective is to share the beauty of Formosa Tea and to make friends with tea lovers around the world!  

Can we have our own custom tea products?

We do understand how geography can have different taste preferences. We love to work with you to create tea programs that delight your local customers. Our one-stop customized services include:

1. Tea bag : Custom rectangular tea bags and triangle pyramid tea bag. 3-4 grams each.
2. Tea blend: Customized fresh flowers and herbs mix with Signature Formosa teas. 20kg each tea. 
3. Tea packaging: Custom printing pouches, sell boxes, and gift boxes. 

 Can we trial sample first?

Of course we insist so! How can you tell if you like our tea without tasting?! We are glad to send you sample teas FREE OF CHARGE with pre-paid shipping cost. Feel free to reach out and let us know more about your personal preferences, this is going to be a wow experience. 

What are the payment options?

        We accept payment through:

1. PayPal

2. T/T Bank Wire Transfer

3. Online Credit Card

How do you ship the orders?

 For smaller quantity, we will ship via intl express services, including but not limited to EMS, SF Express, FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, etc.
For larger quantity, we can also ship via ocean carrier, air freight, or any other designated forwarder services.

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : TT ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 1 Kilogram/Kilograms


    ACE TEA-Share a cup of good tea from Taiwan high Mountains.

Last Update : 2018-07-02
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