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Taiwan gift boxes

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Taiwan gift boxes


  • Taiwan gift boxes : many specification

Key Features

AsahiWatch Company  

 Taiwan gift boxes

     Alishan Oolong Tea, Sulynn Oolong Tea,Lishan Oolong Tea and Dayu Ridge Oolong Tea are all well-known in Taiwan'sagricultural products. Taiwan's specialty tea industry, Songboling oolong tea,Siji Spring, honey tea, tea seed, jasmine tea, Green tea, assam black tea isanother representative of Taiwan's tea; Taiwan's rice quality and stability,rice white and full, shiny crystal, high transparency, sweet and deliciousrice, excellent viscoelasticity, rice taste and fragrance more suitable forsushi, Lunch and dinner, these are mostly tourists to Taiwan, the main favoritefood; Taiwan Spa and steam bath combined with herbal bags, hot springs is morethan the characteristics of central Taiwan, the vitality of the foot bathpackage as a recipe for consumers to enjoy home steam vapor Bath to enjoy;beauty products in the mask is a favorite of modern beauty products, but in thebeauty products green papaya stretch pleura is unique to the Chinese communityin Taiwan; Taiwan's natural handmade soap is the favorite of Chinese.

    Alishan oolong tea 150g + Shirin Riveroolong tea 150g + Ping An 300g a pack of + energy bubble foot bag 15g6 package+ energy magnetic field conversion soap 100g a box + Fu Yun soap 125g a box +Lin Peafu green papaya stretch beauty pleura 28m / bag 2 / 3 pack a box


Eachgroup of market price NT $ 3,999 yuan RMB 888 yuan USD $ 133.3 yuan.

(1) OrderQuantity 1 ~ 50 boxes per box NT $ 3,999 yuan RMB 888 yuan USD $ 133.3 yuan.

(2)order quantity 51 ~ 100 boxes per box NT $ 3,599  yuan RMB 799.8 yuan USD $ 119.97 yuan.

(3)Order Quantity 101 ~ 300 boxes per box NT $ 3,199 yuan RMB 710.9 yuan USD $ 106.64yuan.


(4)Order Quantity 301 ~ 500 boxes NT $ 2,799 per box RMB 622. USD  $ 93.31yuan.

(5) Order Quantity 501~ 1,000 boxes Each box NT $ 2,399 yuan RMB 533.2 yuan USD $ 79.98 yuan.

(6)Order Quantity 1,001 ~ 3,000 boxes Each box NT $ 2,199 yuan RMB 488.8 yuan USD$ 73.32 yuan.

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C

Last Update : 2018-05-21
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