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Taiwan Bubble Tea Mango Jam Sunnysyrup Bubble Tea Supplier

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Taiwan Bubble Tea Mango Jam Sunnysyrup Bubble Tea Supplier


  • Origin: : Taiwan
  • Application: : Milk Tea/Fruit Tea/Snow Ice Topping
  • Product Type : : Bubble Tea Ingredients
  • Brand Name : : Sunnysyrup Food
  • Taste: : Sweet/fruit pulp
  • Shelf Life : : 1 year

Key Features

Product description
Jam & Pulp Series

Jam and Pulp series are concentrated juice with fruit seeds and fiber, they are normally used in making fruity drinks so that customers could taste seeds directly from sipping the drink, and they are as well perfect match for snow ice & shaved ice series, good decoration materials and with excellent tastes, come with some freshly cut real fruits could truly make ones' mouths watering. 



Product Useage : 

1. Fresh Fruit Drinks

pineapple juice().jpg

2. Jelly & Pudding


3. Snow Ice 

To go with snow ice powder, to become one of the ingredients of Snow Ice 


Packaging & Shipping
Packaging & Loading 
These goods are mostly supposed to go over seas to you, as a mufacturer, we do the packing our self with care, even could do with your cartons printed with your logo, helping to promote your brands, owning a warehouse here in Taipei we help you to protect the goods as well as we can. 
A. 2.5 kg * 6 bottles ; Carton Size : 36.5x25.5x27 cm
B. 5kg * 4 bottles ; Carton Size : 46x18.8x32.5 cm
C. 20kg * 1 Barrel ; Barrel Size : 24x24x35 cm
 Other Packages Available :          
A. 1 kg * 6 bottles ; Volume : 1 Liter
B. 4.5kg * 4 bottles ;  Volume : 4.5 Liter
C. 6kg * 4 bottles ; Volume : 6 Liter
1KG12 bottlesBox
2.5KG6 bottlesBox
5KG4 bottlesBox
After Packing : 
Pallets are to stablize the goods during the delivery, and provide certain protection, they are also easier to pick up when the goods arrive the destination port, we will recommend you to use them in case the goods may be rudely treated at the port or duing the delivery. 
A. Single Pallet 
B. Pallets for delivery safety 
Company Information
About Us : 
We are a manufacturer of bubble tea ingredients in Taiwan, the origin country of the bubble tea culture, with our development and research team of manufacturing, we are able to outshine many competitors in Taiwan and starting to get our business expanded to overseas sucessfully. 
Our Advantages
Why should you Choose Us ?
A. Taiwan Being the Origin Country Of Bubble Tea
    Taiwan had gave birth to the culture of bubble tea since the 80's, it started based on our tea drinking nature and the desire to tasty drinks and fun for ordinary life, so there were tapioca pearls invented and being put in drinks, and then all kinds of fruit tea, milk tea are mushrooming.. 
Made in Taiwan.jpg
B. Experienced in oversea bubble tea markets
    We have been exporting to more than 50 countries in recnt years of exporting, with strong links and sense of marketing and assisting you to have your own shops overseas. 
C. Ability to customize your own flavor 
      As the manufacturer of bubble tea ingredients, we are capable of customzing the flavors of them, amoung all competitors in Taiwan, there are only few being able to do so, imagine in the competitive market of bubble tea, wouldn't it make you outshine others to have a flavor that ONLY you could provide ? 
D. Excellent pre-sale and after-sale services & Traing Courses
      Bubble tea business could be a business of complexity especially for those who are new to this field, our customer services would guide you patiently, step by step to establoish the blue print of yours, let lone there is a reowned training couse of us presented in Taiwan, you are always welcomed to attend this comprehesive course and to have a absolute win at the starting point !

Last Update : 2019-08-23
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