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sun moon lake black tea

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Assam Black Tea During the Japanese colonization of Taiwan, Japanese established the ¡¨Yu-Chi Black Tea Laboratory¡¨ at Maolan Mt. in the bank of Sun Moon Lake, Yu-Chi Township of Nantou County in 1936. The Japanese further brought in Assam tea seeds from India to develop the black tea industry. During this period, black tea from Yu-chi was once ranked as the highest grade of black tea at the London Tea Auction, and was also offered to the Emperor of Japan as a gift. Assam Black Tea was exported in large quantities abroad from 1950s to 1970s. No.18 Taiwan tea(Ruby) The Tea Research and Extension Station, a hybrid of Burmese large-leaf tea and a local wild tea strain. The fifty-more years of breeding and experiment have brought quality black teas in the world. Taiwan Black Tea No. 18, with its brewed color turning red, carrying some golden tint and being crystal clear, features a mixed thick mellow and fresh flavor in a natural fragrance of cinnamon with a slight hint of mint. Indigenous tea(Cang Ya) Taiwan's mountain tea is a native variety that originally grew in Taiwan's Shuishalian area (today's Sun Moon Lake area), and thrives in mountain forests shrouded in mist and clouds year-round. After countless years, the tea plants still depend on their own strength to set roots, sprout, and grow strong. Thanks to the action of natural selection over the ages, each packet of tea contains the energy of the earth. When brewed, the tea is golden yellow with a hint of red. It carries the vibrant atmosphere of the mountain forests, and bears a subtle fragrance evoking the faint scent of blossoms. The flavor is mellow and slightly sweet, and is sweet and gentle when swallowed. It is produced only in small quantities and is considered among the finest of black teas. No.21 Taiwan tea(Hong Yun) This tea was created by the Tea Research and Extension Station by cross-breeding Keemun tea with the Indian broad-leaf Kyang variety. This new variety was formally given the name of ¡¨Hong Yun¡¨ in 2008. When brewed, the tea is a bright golden-red. Its fragrance is refined and exquisite, and evocative of the sweet scent of pomelo blossoms and ripe fruit. It is mellow in the mouth, and leaves a delightful lingering flavor.

Last Update : 2019-05-30
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