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Solid Cultured Mycelia of Cordyceps Sp

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Cordyceps sinensis

Key Features

Cordyceps sinensis is a very special fungus that confined to
grow on the highlands of Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai and
Guizhou of altitude 3,000-5,000 meters above sea level.

“Cordyceps sinensis” is the ascomycetes of a kind of
cordyceps that formed while parasitizing in the larvae of bat
moths. “Cordvceps”and “Shia Tsao” are two entire
different things. Shia Tsao is a kind of fungus. Once it gets
inside the body of ”Cordyceps,” it will convert the nutrients in
“Cordyceps” to become “Shia Tsao.” The formation of
Cordyceps sinensis occurs when “Shia Tsao” invades the larva
of bat moth, occupies its body cavity, consumes the larva,s
internal organs as the nutrients and breeds out countless of

The life history of wild Cordyceps sinensis
(1) Winter: On the highland, the larva of bat moth is infected by
Cordyceps parasitic fungus in the soil.
(2) Spring: The parasitic fungus absorbs the nutrients in the
larva body, covers the entire body with mycelia and kills the
(3) Summer: The matured Shia Tsao has formed spores on the
head section, and the pores are dispersed to the larvae of the bat
moths with the help of wind to continue the infection once again
and proliferate.
(4) Autumn: At this moment, the dead larva has already crawled
out the surface of soil with its head being started to grow into a
fruiting body

The “Cordyceps fungus” is a kind of fungus that strives in low
temperature. and so high temperature will inhibit its growth. A
lack of natural growth resources has resulted with a gradual
decrease in yield every year. With the help of active research
from various sectors in recent years, the chemical compositions
based on pharmaceutical effect or its pure compounds have
slowly been discovered to serve as the aims for artificial

Kang Jian,s Cordyceps mycelia are cultivated through a
modified technique to allow the fungus strains to generate large
amounts of active ingredients. All manufacturing processes are
strictly controlled, starting from screening of fungus species,
cultivation in an imitated natural environment, harvesting,
extraction and concentration, spray drying, QC, and packaging
etc. As all standard operation procedures (SOP) are done within
the GMP factory, the product quality is best guaranteed.

Product Certification

Last Update : 2016-05-12
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