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socolo mouth wash

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Key Features

1.Socolo Mouth Wash
 The fact that warm and humid helps oral bacteria growing , which comes into contact with more parts of our body and a wider range of bacteria than toilet seats!“
 Staphylococcus , streptococcus, actinomycetes,candida are very often to be found in human mouth
 It’s easy to fall ill or even to be fatal if oral bacteria have been spread all over body through blood stream.
 The immune system starting protect against disease when oral bacteria breed, which might damage gums, gum bone, even leads to losing teeth or periodontosis
 The risk of oral bacteria infection    
    - periodontosis
    - cellulitis
    - fever
    - septicemia
    - endocarditis
Seeing is believing!
Natural Tea Essence Mouthwash,could clearly clean up your mouth!
You could see the food debris,in used mouthwash fluid! 
Anti-Bacteria and Natural Fresh
 100% herb formula
 Food grade ingredients, kids are safe to apply
 Specially formulated to help rid your teeth sordes
 Sugarcane fermented alcohol makes it feel smoothly
 Not the wound cavity mucosa, tongue
 Natural ingredients make it gently clean your mouth without harming cavity mucosa and tongue
 Menthol  flavor,keep your breath fresher
 For everyone in your family
 Sterilizing effect
 Deodorizing effect
 Dentures cleaning effect
You could see with naked eyes that there’s food debris in the mouthwash fluid with 20-30 seconds SOCOLO rinsing
 Keep breath fresher
 Rid filth off
 Sterilizing
 Rid plaque off
 Decay protection
 Periodontal disease control
 Mouth cleaning
 Oral disease prevention500ml/bottel
FOB Taiwan

Product Certification


Last Update : 2012-03-07
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