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Shanlinxi Oolong tea150g

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Shanlinxi Oolong tea

Key Features

Shanlinxi tea area is Taiwan's three major mountain tea area, tea quality has been very stable. Tea farmers in recent years to strengthen the use of organic fertilizer, coupled with the local unique climate, Making the celestial miles Oolong aroma, throat rhyme are different, you must not miss. Shanlin Creek Hill tea produced in 1500 to 1800 meters high mountains, is Taiwan's top high mountain tea area. This area is full of clouds throughout the year, the soil is fertile, moderate rainfall, day and night temperature difference, to produce the fir forest Creek Dasan strong, back sweet taste is good, is a rare Taiwan tea treasures because the local tea growth slow, high enough, so tea bitter Less, back to the sweetness of good, high mountain gas obvious advantages, and spring tea and winter tea flavor is also very different. In addition, there are different characteristics of other tea areas. Cold fir grape flavor: the region has many fir and virgin forest, so the tea sometimes with fir, and with the height of the higher, cold mineral taste will be more obvious. But not every tea garden, every year to Longfeng Gap, sheep bend, pork and other places more. The appearance of uniform shine: Shanlin Creek mountain tea appearance of the uniform, soak up the golden color, with shiny, good transparency. Drink up activity, Xiang Yang, into the throat comfortable. Usually with high altitude tea area features more obvious, but every year, each tea garden has the above characteristics.

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Last Update : 2017-05-13
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