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SEH® 997 Concentrated Solution

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SEH® 997 Concentrated Solution

 SEH® 997 Concentrated Solution is an optimal nutritional supplement for cancer patients, which is made by a unique technology in the world. SEH® 997 not only can help adjust body composition, improve physical condition, nurture and reinforce physical health, but also can minimize the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients. The manufacturing process, from material selection to production, features strict control. Certification by the third-party notary public SGS reassures compliance with safety and steady quality requirements. SEH® 997 concentrated solution has passed various animal tests by Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB), Taiwan, which is a government grants organization and whose managing director is the President of Academia Sinica, Taiwan. In the animal tests, mice were injected with chemotherapy drugs, such as 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) and Cisplatin. DCB lab confirmed the SEH® 997 Concentrated Solution can protect the liver function, and increase the White Blood Cell (WBC) numbers of mice by 1.8~3 times, Lymphocytes 1.2~4.7 times, Monocytes 1.8~11.3 times, and Granulocyte 2.1~3 times. Also, by using SEH® 997 with 5FU chemotherapy, tumors can be shrunk by 4-6 times compared with using 5FU chemotherapy alone. Meanwhile, DCB also confirmed when mice were injected with Taxol chemotherapy drug, SEH® 997 can minimize the side effect such as arrhythmias leading to cardiac hypertrophy, which may causes an increase in organ weights, such as heart, liver, spleen and kidney, while reliving pain caused by Taxol.

Also, in the Cytokine experiments, DCB confirmed SEH® 997 concentrated solution has effect of decreasing expression of human IL-8, IL-6, IL-1RA TNF-α Cytokine and suppressing mouse G-CSF(p<0.05), IL-6, IL-12(p70) and human IL-12(p70) Cytokine expression.

Last Update : 2018-04-25
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