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˙Name : Return- Skin Hydrating & Wound-Healing Essential OilBalm

˙Ingredients : Camomile,Angelica, Licorice

     Root, Peppermint, Rosemary, Carrot Seed

     Oil, Beeswax

˙Functions : hydrating,wound-healing use

˙To Use : Applyproper amount over the

affected area and gently massage. Four times

daily or more

˙Cautions -

 1.Using forskin hydrating, wound-healing

 2.Keep theproduct in a cool place. Avoid heat

and sunshine

3.Stop use if it signs of irritation occur.  

  Contact your family doctorimmediately

4.For externaluse only. Keep out reach of children

5. Contraindication to pregnant ladies!

˙Shelf Life : 3years

˙ 30g ± 3%

1. Thisseries merchandise of advanced skin moisturizing cream is made from Chinese herbmedicine; quickly change skin absorption (absorbed through the skin) to achievemoist effect.   Proper quantity (alittle) is enough, too much is not beneficial.


2. Thisseries merchandise differs from emulsifiable lotion of skin care products onthe market.  Since it is made by pure andhigh quality material, we appreciate end users will not compare price and moisteffect only with other skin care products.


3. Natural moisturizing cream is fragrancefree, doesn't contain Vaseline mineral oil, silicone oil (carcinogenic). Purebeeswax, pure a mild quality, stimulates skin quickly absorbed.

4.The herbs natural sterilization, have never contained harmful germ.  It’s free of Western medicine, without heavymetals components.  Doesn’t contain aboutemulsifier, plasticizer, hormone and pigment.  Pass a SGS strict examination.


5.Made by purely natural herbs, no drug-resistance causes allergy.


6.Highly moisturizes skin, always keeps it soft and bright.


7.Reliable quality, all use Taiwanese herbs raw material, and completed extractionprocess has been doing in Taiwan. 


8.It is transparent color, doesn’t contaminate clothes.


9.It’s no problem to be exposed to the sun after applying our moisturizing cream.  However, it is without sunburn protectionfactor (no matter physical or chemical property).  Thus please do not treat it as sunburnprotection.

10. This product forbids eating but a little is harmless.


11.The moisturizing skin cream has considered verity needs of skin conditionalready; please feel relieved to use it.


12.Hereby acknowledged that this series of skin care products is auxiliary merchandise,if there is any disease of skin, please consult to doctor in advance. 

Last Update : 2013-12-30
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