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Reduce Free Radicals Capsules

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Antioxidants From Nature


  • Feature : Anti-Aging
  • Use : Body,Face

Key Features

Antioxidant refers to the abbreviation of antioxidant free radicals.The human body continuously generates free radicals in the body because of constant contact with the outside world, including respiration (oxidation), external contamination, and radiation exposure. Scientific research shows that cancer, aging or other diseases are mostly related to the production of excess free radicals.Studies have shown that the human body's antioxidant system is a system that is comparable to the immune system and has complete and complex functions. The stronger the body's ability to antioxidant, the healthier and longer lives.It brings oxidative stress to tissue cells resulting in aging lesions.In other words, the higher the free radical content in the human body, the shorter the lifespan is.Taking clam protein plus curcumin capsules can effectively resist oxidation for the purpose of anti-aging.


Golden Clam Protein is the best nutrition extracted from the clams. By using the most advanced extraction techniques, Clam protein contains essential amino acids, choline, glycogen, taurine, arginine and trace elements, including zinc, calcium and phosphorus. Clam protein can also provide a rich source of vitamin B12.Comparing with beef, milk, fish and other high protein food, Clam protein is more easily absorbed by our body system. It's one of the best dietary supplements for humans! It is very made for the group people who drinkfrequently. Two capsules after drinking will make people free from dizziness and vomiting next day. Our product is also helpful for the people who have high reading of GOT & GPT, often eat out or have excessive consumption of chemically added food. Our product is also rheumatics friendly, since it Clam proline is very low.

We guarantee that our golden Clam clams are strictly selected from Hualien.we have exclusive technology for clam meat extraction. All the products are processed by aseptic frozen differentiation technique and pass the inflammatory activity monitoring program. We ensure the pure nature of the product.



Last Update : 2018-05-20
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