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Red Quinoa Sesame Sweet

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The best healthy sweet in Taiwan


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Key Features

It is said that maltose began in the Shang dynasty with the original name “syrup”_ there are related records in The Book of Songs. It is the oldest sugar documented in history. Since the Han dynasty, maltose malting sugar has become quite popular in society, primarily serving as food and medicine. Even now, maltose remains a very important chapter in Chinese food culture and is a tonic food prescribed for health purposes. Glutinous rice maltose is the heritage and wisdom of thousands of years of prescribing tonic food and a hundred years of motherland sentiments. “Taiwan Sweet” is made from a sugar base of glutinous rice from East Rift Valley in Taiwan and wheat-malt-brewed glutinous rice maltose. This exclusive research and development of low-energy malt sugar skills and aging technology allows time to naturally cure maltose and sucrose and be able to present uniqe flavor and sweetness, which tastes pleasant, soft and waxy, and sweetly mellow. Pine nuts have the praised name of “longevity fruit.” Taiwan red quinoa is “the ruby of cereal” and sesame is known as “brain gold” and “vascular scavenger.” The healthy elements of Taiwanese nuts, such as Taiwan red quinoa and Taiwan sesame, as well as imported pine nuts, are combined to achieve a 50% reduction in sugar by using a super formula of nuts and maltose at a 2:1 ratio. The nuts’ flavour is crispy and sweet, and maltose’s flavor is rounded and smooth, creating the ultimate mellow crisp taste, which is sweet, rich, and fine with meticulous and irresistible natural flavoring. It is natural, with no additive ingredients, low in sugar and salt, high in fiber, iron, and calcium, and contains a variety of nutrients, minerals, and trace elements. A daily serving can help promote metabolism, nourishing the body without burdens. Each country has one kind of representative candy. Natural Tasty, a natural food, remakes an ancient royal and aristocratic health product, providing the modern health diet with an innovative product with a cultural touch, including elements of international fashion. With the product design concept of natural raw ingredients and answering health concerns with innovative flavor, we make a premium healthy sugar, representative of Taiwan’s candy, creating the toast of the century.

Last Update : 2017-12-19
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