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Phellinus linteus

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Phellinus linteus

Key Features

Phellinus linteus belongs to Polyporaceae family, and it is the fungus
of Phellinus igniarius and Phellinus baumii. The fruiting body is perennial,
and comes in lateral sessile form, woody in nature, in hoof, semicircular or
irregular shape, yellowish-brown or brown in color, and grown on
mulberry tree trunk. It is mainly distributed in Japan, Korea, North Korea,
Russia, Australia, North America, Central and South America, and other
countries. In mainland China, it is mainly distributed in eastern
Heilongjiang, Jilin,s Changbei Mountain, “Tzu-wu Ling” Natural Reserve
Area located at the border between northwestern Shannxi and Gansu. In
addition, the provinces on southwest region also produce a small amount
of “Phellinus linteus” that grown on mulberry trees.

Phellinus linteus is also named as Sang Chen or Sang Er. It is a recent
developed new edible fungus that is popular in Japan and Korea, and is
also currently getting popular in Taiwan. As the yield is small, it is very
valuable. The research experts in Korea and Japan have found that its
Phellinus β-D -glucan content com es in top quality am ong all the m ushroom s,
and so it is fam ed as the “K ing of M ushroom s” and “lm perial Sang Er.”It
is suitable for long-term consum ption to regulate the physique.

Like other m edicinal fungi, the m ain active ingredient extract of Phellinus
linteus is polysaccharides. W hen the Phellinus linteus extract w as tested in
Japan, its m ain com position w as found to be β-glutan, the content of w hich is
tw ice to that of B razilian m ushroom . The research findings from Japan, K orea
and other countries indicated that the polysaccharides extract from Phellinus
linteus is able to generate significant protection effects.

This product is m ade from carefully selected excellent fruiting bodies of
Phellinus linteus as the raw m aterials, and gone through the refined
biotechnological extraction, concentration and spray granulation procedures to
gain m ore than 10% of polysaccharides content (pure Phellinus linteus
polysaccharides contain no excipient and starch polysaccharides). The high
concentration of active ingredients is able to help m aintain gastrointestinal
function, sm oothen defecation, prom ote m etabolism , nourish and strengthen
the body, regulate the physique,reduce fatigue and enhance longevity.

Specification of K ang Jian,s Phellinus linteus:C ontaining m ore than 10%
of polysaccharides.

Inspection unit:SG S

Last Update : 2016-05-12
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