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Patakara Premium and Fit Pull Combo

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Worldwide patentUse of set increased effect up to 3 times Ultimately surpassed Lohas Patakara! Developed Patakara Premium in pursuit of better effectiveness.New treatment methods for snoring and sleep apneaPatakara increases the strength of the mouth, tongue and throat muscles causing the throat also being able to maintain touching the palate during sleep. When the tongue can maintain touching the palate during sleep, it can naturally prevent the root of the tongue to sink up to the respiratory tract and ensure sufficient breathing amount. This is the same as sleep print. It forcibly pulls the root of the tongue forward to prevent sinking up to the respiratory tract. However, it does not have the problem of not being able to use Patakara due to having no teeth. It also does not affect sleep quality due to having to wear it. Patakara can also prevent the occurrence of aspiration pneumonia during sleep (food that should originally flow into the esophagus flowed into the respiratory tract causing pneumonia).Snoring and sleep apnea will not immediately disappear after having used Patakara. This is because Patakara is a device that trains the oral muscles and muscles are unable to immediately become strong once it has been trained. You will at least have to patiently train up to the intensity status of the mouth being able to maintain being closed while sleeping.The three conditions of snoring and sleep apnea patients, and condition of the throat are as follows:1. People with swollen throat caused by oral breathing2. People with weak lip, tongue and throat muscles3. People who have the combination of numbers 1 and 2The effect of snoring treatment will vary for each individual. The show of order for the treatment effect of the above-mentioned 3 types of snoring reasons is as follows: the earliest show of effect is people with weak lip muscle (2). The second fastest show of effect is people with swollen throats (1). Following that is the combination of both (3). People with swollen throats may have oral breathed from childhood or after growing up, causing long-term inflammation around the mouth and the mucosal gradually becoming hypertrophic. After changing the breathing method to nasal breathing under this circumstance, the air entered into the nasal cavity enters into the respiratory tract after heating and humidification. This type of warm and moist air has the function of restoring the injured throat mucosa. After allowing the respiratory tract to be in contact with such air for a long time, it will gradually eliminate inflammation and swelling tissues. The time of show of effect requires about 3-6 months. In the case of the uvula being too long, it will require about 1 year.Mouth closing strength, from a Scientific PerspectiveUniversity of Tokyo Dental lecturer Dr Noro Akio performed a study involving more than 4100 participants (Both men and women from 3 - 89 years old). The study was to determine the relationship between mouth closing strength and various factors including sex, age, and health. It was found that optimal mouth closing strength occurred at the age of 40, this gradually decreased after 50 years old. Studies have also shown that there is a strong correlation between mouth closing strength and health. It was found that participants who were healthy showed stronger mouth closing strength as compared to participants who were not health (for example, Almond inflammation, laryngitis, asthma, atopic dermatitis, rhinitis, snore, mouth breathing, lifestyle-related diseases). These diseases are directly caused by a weal mouth closing strength that causes mouth breathing (oral respiration).Try the Patakara facial therapy and you will notice the difference!For detailed product information, real life case, please see www.liptrainer-patakara.com

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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