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Oolong Tea of Lishan,Taiwan, Tea, Taiwan Tea

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The Best of the High-Altitude Oolong of Lishan, Taiwan - Delicate Alpine Flavor The mountains of Taiwan are covered by a mysterious veil.The flavor of tea is in the poetic mind. Gao Yu-tang, the founder of Delicate Alpine Flavor, has been planting tea trees in Lishan at the altitude of 1,900 meters since 1991, insisting on the quality of the high-altitude tea for more than two decades. He believes that he should do the business with conscience because tea is a food for human_ he sets the highest standards of the growth environment, the water quality and pesticide residues. Therefore, every batch of Delicate Alpine Flavor is required to go through a detailed inspection of production records. This is the final food safety requirement of Delicate Alpine Flavor and it is what Delicate Alpine Flavor should repay their customers. Delicate Alpine Flavor is a Taiwan Council of Agriculture Traceability certified product. Consumers can obtain relevant identifying information on Taiwan Agriculture and Food Traceability System(http://taft.coa.gov.tw/) with the traceability number on the tag of each bag of tea leaves_ or scan the dimensional bar code with a PDA or mobile phone to get the production records of the agricultural product. Production records include the details of soil test, water test, farming, tree surgery, irrigation, fertilization, pest and disease control, weeding, health and safety management, employee health management, harvesting, processing, shipment record and so on. The high altitude is a significant advantage of Lishan. Gao Yu-tang, the Production and marketing squad leader in Renai Township of Nantou County, says "I've had a pollution-free tea-growing area which can be barely found in Taiwan_ all I need to do is to take good care of tea leaves and keep developing baking technology which is specifically used on the high-altitude tea of Taiwan, showing the unique flavor and aroma to customers under the precondition of food safety." Chien Wei Enterprise is the sales agent of Delicate Alpine Flavor. Delicate Alpine Flavor do production and marketing by itself in order to correct the existing customers' wrong impression about high-altitude tea and let them know the original aroma of the real high-altitude Large Branch Oolong of Taiwan.

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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