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Nourishing tea

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  • tea bag : 7.5g/bag,60bags/box

Key Features

【Poor man’s ginseng】In Chinese medicine, poor man’s ginseng is sweet and fair. It benefits immune and digestive system, increase secretion of saliva. It often used for people who has weak spleen and lungs, tachypnoea, palpitation, diet disorder, loose stools, wheezing, cough and internal heat dissipation thirst.

【Dwarf lilyturf】It belongs to asparagaceae family. In Chinese medicine, It’s a little cold and sweet, having efficacy of lungs and body fluid maintenance. According to Chinese herb textbook, dwarf lilyturf tastes very sweet and contains abundant juice so it helps relieve dry mouth and constipation. People having stomach fire or fatigue due to high temperature need to ingest dwarf lilyturf to quench the thirst.

【astragalus】Its common names are milkvetch, locoweed and goat’s thorn. In Chinese medicine, it has following characteristics: it’s good for lungs and spleen, tastes sweet and warm. It nourishes qi effectively because Chinese believes that fruit with white pulp tends to be good for lungs. With regard to its efficacy, eating milkvetch stops sweating so some illness could be cured.

【red jujube】Red jujube protects liver by promoting detoxification. Apart from this, red jujube improves phagocytosis inside the mononuclear phagocyte system, or MPS, to improve the immunity. It also promotes protein synthesis in liver, increases content of albumin in serum and adjusts proportion between albumin and globulin. Triterpenes inside relieves fatigue so that it protects liver as well.

【guarana】It’s best known for the seeds from its fruit, with high nutritional value and nutritious amino acids, alkaloids, minerals, vitamins, tannic acids and carbohydrates. It’s easy for tissue in vivo to absorb; besides, guarana has efficacies of promoting metabolism and improving digestive, urinary and endocrine system.

Main ingredients:Poor man’s ginseng, dwarf lilyturf, astragalus, red jujube, female ginseng, guarana extract


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Last Update : 2017-06-07
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