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Noni juice

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keep intact the precious noni ingred

Key Features

     Noni juice
It contains Noni、Apple、Cranberry、Raspberry、strawberry、cherry,Rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, plant fiber, as well as pectin and other natural ingredients. they can help you to adjusts the body’s constitution, promotes metabolism, promotes the bowel movement of the colon,and helps for sleeping.

Package:600ml / green glass bottle / box

Ingredients:Noni fruit fermented liquid、Apple juice concentrated、Cranberry juice concentrated、Raspberry juice concentrated、strawberry juice concentrated、cherry juice concentrated

Directions for consumption:Consume twice daily, consume 30cc each time. For best results, consume on an empty stomach. For better taste, refrigerate after opening. Consume within two months. First, let the juice stay in the sublingual area (under the tongue) for about 5 seconds to allow it to mix with the saliva. Then, let the noni juice slowly go down the throat.Dilute in warm water (three times the juice), or consume directly.

Storage:Avoid direct sunlight , Keep in cool dry place. The product contains no additives.Keep refrigerated after opened.After opening, drinking up in 2 months. This product through strict quality control, such as purchase and found flaws (for delivery, display, save, process and cause product damage), please contact the customer service line replacement

Rich in amino acids, plant fiber, pectin, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, selenium, and other trace minerals needed for maintain your vitality, the product helps you to defecate smoothly, easily fall asleep, and bring out the radiance in you!

Notice:Those who are on medication, breastfeeding women,child, pregnant women, and those with special physical constitutions, please contact a doctor, and consume the product by doctor’s instructions.The product contains a variety of natural berry juices, as well as pectin and other natural ingredients. Precipitation or discoloration is natural phenomena. The flavor and taste also slightly vary depending on the season of harvest.make safe drinking

Expiration : 2 years

◎This Product test by SGS & Germany of TUV Rheinland AIMEX Ltd. in Taiwan:Without pesticides, medicine, or heavy metals.

◎Product Liability Insurance:NTD 10 Million Product's Liability Insurance Coverage by Fubon Insurance Co., Ltd. (Taiwan).

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Last Update : 2011-08-09
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