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New Your Face Natural plant Skin Care

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  • Feature : Anti-Aging,Anti-Wrinkle,Deep Cleansing,Lightening,Moisturizer,Nourishing ,Toner
  • Use : Eye,Face

Key Features

It is the essence that revitalizes and deeply repairs skin to reduce darkness, and removes wrinkles within 7 days, while attaining radiant whiteness in 28 days. It restores the skin to present glowing radiance, and is recognized by most females. A highly effective natural plant formula, it does not contain irritating and harmful substances including alcohol, alkaline, artificial colorings, scent, Paraben, surfactant SLES and Para Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA). Nanometer technique is applied to obtain high concentration, small molecules and fast absorption, offering evident, lasting and effective effect. The delicate texture is mild, comfortable and healthy, offering you the most professional care. It features total care of “cleansing”, “whitening”, “moisturizing”, “tightening”, “repairing”, “anti-wrinkle” and “anti-aging” to create the “ideal mark-less skin”, so that you may become an anti-aging expert, and it is the skincare product of professional medical cosmetic grade. “New Your Face” Total Mark-less Set includes ten items:

1. Plant Polyphenols Deep Make-up Removal Foam; 2. Amino Acid Gentle Facial Foam; 3. Seaweed Extract Revitalizing Freshener; 4. Fellerence Skin-softening Essence; 5. Kinetin Skin Care Hydrating Mask; 6. Revitalizing Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream; 7. EGF Skin-glowing Whitening Capsule; 8. Mallow Extract VC-IP Revitalizing Whitening Night Cream; 9. Aloe Extract Skin-glowing Day Cream and 10. Glowing Airy BB Cream. Refer to our company website for product information: http://ubeauty.taiwantrade.com.tw/

Country of originTaiwan

Ubeauty Biotech International Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of natural plant-based skin care products with rejuvenating effects that promote healthy skin.   New Your Face and KMF are our registered brands, the products includeRemove foamAmino acid gentle facial foamExfoliating CreamToning lotionEssenceEGF Whitening CapsuleWhitening CreamFacial maskEye maskBody Skin Tightening LotionBB CreamSkin care productsAcne treatmentRemove wrinklesDark circles, We may also have body lotion,sun block cream.

Our products meet the GMP FDA EEC EU standards.  We can develop and manufacture bespoke personalized natural, plant-based skin care for small and medium businesses.  We also accept OEM and ODM.

Work with us to achieve your goal with the following benefits

Easy to get sample you need to accept the payment through Paypal for small order or sample inquiry.

Account numberubeauty001@gmail.com

Lower Price to enhance the competitiveness and your profit

Bring you customers with

Quality After Service to support you and your customers with extra care

Sole Agent System to rein your territory exclusively

Ubeauty is committed to offering advanced solutions to revitalize your skin for healthy appearance and dedicated to meeting your craving for high-quality products at competitive price, plus excellent service.

Serve the call886-4-22364398

Our account isubeauty001@gmail.comhttp://ubeauty.taiwantrade.com.tw/

If there is any further information you want to know, please don't heistate to contact us


    Crafted, restore your Exquisite and Perfect skin. Let you become a frozen age master.

Last Update : 2017-12-22
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