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Nano-molecular organic pink roses

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Organic Rose Powder 009
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There antioxidant skin rejuvenation

Key Features

Benefits of roses
Rose is rich in vitamins, anthocyanins. Citric acid. Malic acid . B carotene glucose xylose. Sucrose .
Rose flowers to it after drying it can be a medicinal or edible
* Rose can help metabolism, can relieve cough and cold symptoms.
* Relieve menstrual pain . Relieve menstrual discomfort ring true , external qi stagnation , blood scattered silt , menstruation pain
* Skincare antioxidant , eliminating fatigue ( sweet taste ) detoxification, improving the internal parts of endocrine disorders
* Appease , emotional stability
Vitamin E
Anti-oxidation, anti-aging is not only able to maintain youthful vigor , in the fight against cancer and cardiovascular disease prevention has also played a key role .
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B3 in human cells, antioxidant effect is of considerable importance molecular components .
* Maintain the skin, digestive and nervous system health, alleviate gastrointestinal disorders .
* Treat stomatitis , cheilitis , to prevent bad breath.
* Dermatitis, rash , peeling, dry, roughness and wrinkles.
* To prevent and alleviate migraine headaches, premenstrual headache prevention
Tannic acid
Tannic acid is a low- toxic substances can be detoxified . Tannic acid in medicine is applied to stop the bleeding. Has been used to treat sore throat. Tonsillitis, hemorrhoids and skin herpes , stop diarrhea , intestinal bleeding. Tannic acid can and metal, alkaloids and glycosides ( see glycosides ) such precipitate , with detoxification of these substances .
Powerful antioxidant that can enhance human cells in antioxidant enzyme activity , can Yang system cell mutations , can prevent cancer cells , can inhibit the activation of carcinogens system can prevent certain food components in the stomach into a strong carcinogen nitrite amines, can inhibit tumor promoters of tumor promotion system , also can inhibit tumor growth system , green tea contains tannic acid such
Rose intends to skin
Especially for mature skin feeling dry or China but to good effect , can enhance the immune function of the skin , improving the skin's natural moisturizing system Germany moisturizing ability to enhance sign -dimensional elasticity , collagen sign -dimensional activity , soothing, anti-inflammatory , astringent tiny blood vessels , peacekeeping relaxation of blood vessels , dilated have some effect ; and can effectively regulate the endocrine system balance within the custody fade spots , promote decomposition and metabolism of melanin, the skin whitening bright , so that women domestic workers have fair complexion , full of elasticity of healthy skin .
Rose can promote the secretion of saliva line more parotid gland , parotid gland is an endocrine hormone, often called the "youth factor" which can promote the body tissues and blood vessels tend to be younger , to maintain metabolic rhythm , there is the effect of skin hairdressing
Use those taboos Rose
* Rose with blood circulation effect, pregnant women should not use

Product Certification

Last Update : 2013-09-13
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