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Magnetized Micro Bubble

Model No.
SL21D / SL43D / SL15D
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Key Features

Mainstream in New Life New Concept of Health Magnetization Micro Bubble Nano-milk bath machine converts tap water into milky white nano microbubble which has high oxygen and moisture through the dual-core patent technology. MMB by applying the molecular collision and the ultrahigh frequency magnetic wave splitting theory turns the bubble smaller and water molecule into nano scale. The new generation of MMB, dual-core technology, produces more anion groups with higher efficiency and better effect. Water molecule becoming nano scale can permeate into pores quickly, exfoliate dead skin, and deeply cleanse the pores. After water molecule goes deep into pores, it heightens hydration of the skin and oxygen in the blood, accelerates the blood circulation, boosts metabolism and slows down the aging process. MMB can not only give you beauty and health, but also is the revolution in the history of bathing. Features 1.Small size, super silence 2.High flow capacity, energy saving 3.Waterproof unibody design 4.Multiple product offerings〕 5.Computer-controlled system, great quality 6.Custom-made cover colors 7.Fitted in every room size 8.External or embedded design 9.High flow capacity, Energy saving Functions Clearing clogged pores thoroughly 1.Removing dead skin 2.Getting rid of dandruff 3.Cleaning your body completely 4.Strengthen body’s immunity Strengthen body’s immunity 1.Stabilizing blood pressure 2.Building up resistance 3.Revitalizing cell to strengthen body’s immunity 4.Calming your autonomic nerve system 5.Feeling refreshed Dechlorination Removing residual chlorine from the water to avoid pores absorbing it and leading to pathological conditions. Magnetization energy/Moisturization 1.Boosting metabolism 2.Increasing the hydration level of skin and hair 3.Accelerating blood circulation 4.Slow down the aging process Inspection Certificate SGS Anion 1,236,000/C.C Dechlorination rate more than 95% TTRI Skin moisturization 74% gained Blood flow 41.3% increased Blood velocity 41.9% boosted

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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