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LungCare Tablet

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Take care of your lungs

Key Features

ACROBIO is the manufacturer for Prosta-OK Neo Tablet and LungCare Tablet. We have more than 10 years experience in making supplements, or Neo tablets.Taiwan LungCare Tablet, Neo Tablet Manufacturer - ACROBIO HEALTHCARE INC. | Taiwantrade.com

Anti-inflammation, anti-swelling, prevention of respiratory infections, and strongly helping patients to cough sufficiently to clear the airways, LungCare is the best nutraceutical for COPD and asthma patients, and also a good adjuvant for respiratory tract infection and pneumonia.

LungCare is designed for the models of COPD and asthma progress:

(1)Inhibits histamine release that triggered by allergens and reduces hyperreactivity response

(2)Anti-inflammation, anti-swelling of respiratory tract

(3)Induces airway mucin production and secretion of airway epithelial cells to dilute phlegm (sticky sputum)

(4)Increases ciliary beat frequency of airway epithelium to clear away the mucus plug

(5)Inhibits tracheal contractions and maintains the airway patency

LungCare also increases pathogen-phagocytosis of macrophage by modulating immunity activity, and increases the anti-bacterial and anti-viral efficacy to prevent respiratory tract infections.


Ingredients & Mechanisms:

Ophiopogon japonicus extract: Induces airway mucin production and secretion, and has anti-inflammation and anti-swelling effects.

American ginseng extract: Boosts energy, and stimulates mucin secretion to dilute phlegm

Cordyceps sinensis mycelium: Reduces allergic airway hyperreactivity response, increases Six-Minute Walk Test of COPD patients, and nourishes and tonics

Zizyphi fructus extractInhibits histamine release, and increases airway ciliary motility to clear away the mucus plug

Eugenia caryophyllus extract: Increasing the anti-bacterial efficacy to prevent respiratory tract infections

Citri reticulatae pericarpium extract: Inhibits tracheal contractions and has spasmolytic effects

Herbal extract Acrobio GL: enhances the phagocytosis of macrophages to remove the invading pathogens and exerts anti-inflammatory effect

Average tablet weight : 900mg per tablet


Advantages and Benefits:

1.Inhibition of histamine release and tracheal contractions to prevent asthma attack

2.The anti-inflammation and anti-swelling effects avoid airway epithelial cell exfoliation, and the occurrence of airway remodeling.

3.The formula exerts Synergistic effect of expectoration, and clears away the mucus plug to reduce the probability of respiratory failure.

4.The anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity prevent respiratory tract infection



(a) Preventive care or adjuvant to treatment for COPD and asthma, especially for smokers, inhaled steroid-dependent asthma children, chronic allergic rhinitis (seasonal allergies) patients, and long-term bedridden patients etc…

(b) Adjuvant to treatments for respiratory tract infection and pneumonia.


Product Certification

Last Update : 2018-03-04
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