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Life Republic - BELLA Series new elastic- composite materials Suction Cup/Pad Towel Ring

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New elastic- composite materials Suction Cup/Pad for Bathroom/kitchen Accessories


  • Dimensions : 225X145X50Dmm
  • Material : Platic(ABS) / New Elastic-composite materials

Key Features

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Life Republic Suction Cap/Pad

Life Republic Suction Cap/Pad

*Creates a simple solution for living storage and home aesthetics!
*Exclusive pad surface with composite “Memory” material
*Exclusive multinational composite material suction pad patent
*No need for nailing or drilling; easy to install
*Perfect for toilets and kitchens; waterproof and humidity proof
*Environment-friendly material - can be used repeatably
*Extremely dry and extremely humid (10% - 90%) – SGS test passed
*High and low temperatures (-10-75°C) – SGS test passed
*Continuous water spraying test – SGS test passed
*Maximum tension weightload >20kgw with safety limit 6-8kg – SGS test passed
*Full range of products are insured for product liability
*Also works on concave or convex surfaces – within a 1.0mm error range

Life Republic Suction Cap/Pad

Life Republic Suction Cap/Pad

Q: What is the difference between Life Republic suction pads and traditional suction pads?
A: Life Republic has a ring surface with a silicon gel-like material (similar to keyboard cleaning gel or slime gel). When installed, the pad fills in any fine gaps instantly and keeps air out. The unique shape of the material will slowly penetrate the gap for deeper suction; this is the core function of our multinational patented product. After removing the suction pad, the surface will have the same gap pattern as the wall (which means the material has filled the gap). Rinse the surface with hot water (80°C) and cool naturally, set dry and the material will be released to reform its original flat shape and stickiness!

Life Republic Suction Cap/Pad

Product Features
* “Memory” Suction Pad: High-tech composite material that “remembers” the precise suction position.
* International Patents: Memory composite material form as one-piece to perfection, not fused together with multiple bonding process.
* Auto-fit:Design that stands out, automatically shapes to fill fine gaps for support.

* Please note the side to be used for suction is non-permeable, and that surface should be wiped clean.
* Avoid placing on surfaces with gaps or cracks.
* For reuse, please rinse the surface with hot water and allow to cool for the suction pad to return to its original form and retain original stickiness and elasticity and prolong its lifespan.
* Before each installation please fully turn the knob and press in fully to release all air, and then proceed with tightening for optimal effect.
* The pad’s non-permeable surface has a suction height range of 0-0.6mm
* Please do not hang expensive or fragile things on the suction pad; no liability is assumed for damages.


Life Republic


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  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C


    Life Republic生活共和國-廚房衛浴用吸盤掛勾收納

Last Update : 2017-12-28
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