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LCH Lactobacillus 10 BOXES

Made in
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Key Features

  • Made in Japan
  • USA FDA + 24 National strain patents + SGS Certification
  • A pack a day, maintenance of the body is very simple!
  • Entrance that taste like powdered Yakult
  • Cooling not demand
  • 30 pcs / Box 【10 BOX

Product Description

LCH Lactobacillus Casei Hata strain


Dr.HATA, a researcher at the University of Tokyo, has done decades of research on Lactobacillus. He discovered the extraordinary effects of Lactobacillus Casei. 

Over 30 years of cultivation, the Lactobacillus Casei Hata strain was formulated, which is ultra-strong and specially adapted to humans.


LCH Lactobacillus bacteria have strong colony power and reproductive capacity.

They’re resistant gastric acid choline and directly reach the digestive tract.

LCH Lactobacillus are combined with reduced maltose to double the absorption of these live bacteria.

One sachet per day, as a habit, makes maintaining the body really simple!


Permanently increases bacteria in the digestive tract

Adjusts bodily constitution, maintains good vitality

Enhances metabolic power, improves bowel movement

Promotes gastrointestinal contractions, eases bowel movement

Strengthens the body’s protective power

'>Over one year old and adults: one sachet per day


When uncomfortable, two to three sachets may be taken


Health Supplement for Pregnant Moms

Zero burden, pregnant or breastfeeding mom may be taken


Lactobacillus is an element that exists naturally in the human body. Without additives, our supplement is suitable for both pregnant and breastfeeding women. Be reassured when using our products and give your baby early and better care.



Protective children

LCH Lactobacillus to take a single fine strains, a number of certification and testing, Adjusts bodily constitution, 

increase the protection,

To the next generation of the highest standards of health protection.


Care for the elderly

LCH Lactobacillus low kcal, increase the good bacteria good absorption, 

no health burden, the best choice for the elderly.


LCH Lactobacillus comes in powder form, which can be poured directly into the mouth and ingested just like that. 

It can also be dissolved in boiled water or a drink. 

For the lactic acid bacteria to reach the digestive tract alive,

the temperature should not exceed 43°C.


Under one year old: half a sachet per day

Over one year old and adults: one sachet per day

When uncomfortable, two to three sachets may be taken

-pagination:widow-orphan'>One sachet per day, as a habit, makes maintaining the body really simple!

Last Update : 2019-02-01
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