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Jasmine Pouchong Tea

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Pouchong tea with jasmine scent. Limited supply scented tea that you must try in Summer!


  • Paper box : 50g
  • Sample tea : 5g
  • Tin can : 50g
  • Vacuum bag : 600g

Key Features

Scented with natural jasmine flowers, create the sumptuous aroma and taste.

Jasmine abound in Taiwan Changhua in summer time. Flowers are harvested at their peak and thoughtfully mixed with our Pouchong tea until next day, it takes over 12 to even 16 hours. We need to process the production immediately, because it’ll be too late if the buds bloom, which happens in the evening right after morning picked. After tea absorbs jasmine flavor, dry the tea with low temperature several hours, and to keep aroma pure and good, the petals and flowers are then picked out by hand.

The charming and elegant aroma is reminiscent of spring and youth! It’s natural, healthy, famous; however, limited-supply tea in Taiwan! So, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this highly recommended tea with hot or cool brewing!

Fragrance emanates from Taiwan Changhua Huatan in Summer

Especially in June, Jasmine flowers are picked by hand, because the buds from same branches always bloom in different time.

Not only imparts sumptuous fragrant, Jasmine fragrance is also composed of dozens of volatile compounds, esters, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, etc. Contains benefits to body, such as stabilizing emotion, relieving heat and refreshing sunstroke, soothing tension…… It’s a very good healthy tea for beauties.

Natural and fresh flavor from high quality Pouchong tea! 
Actually, Pouchong(包種茶) is a kind of Oolong tea ,but it has a lighter taste than most oolong tea has, it's like between green tea and oolong.
Variety called Four Seasons of Spring is named because it produces four flushes (or harvests) each year that have a flavor and quality of that of a spring flush. The variety grown in Nantou processes light fermentation, light roasting, and shaped in long stripes to make Pouchong. When brewing, see the light golden and bright color, treat nose with elegant aroma, and enjoy the mellow, smooth, floral taste down in the mouth, and amused by the sweet aftertaste.

Through a labor of love, we insist on processing the high-grade natural scented tea.

Firstly, flowers are plucked by hand in the morning. Only closed buds can be used – if flowers are already opened, they will lose their scent. Once plucked, the blossoms are taken to where the tea is ready for scenting, and spread all over the tea leaves.

The air in the scenting room now begins at last to fill with the intoxicating aroma of the flowers. The dry leaf soaks up the Jasmine scent greedily, and while it does so, a curious phenomenon occurs: it gets hot. As the pile of tea and flowers reaches 40°C, it must be stirred by hand – a back-breaking job, even without the 30-degree heat of the scenting-room – to cool it down, and to ensure that all the leaves are equally scented.

The proper method of scenting tea – that goes back 1,600 years – is by using Jasmine flowers, however; nowadays many scented teas are sprayed with essential oils. Unlike the lower-grade tea, our Jasmine tea is made with traditional methods, using only fresh flowers. This is better for not only the taste and experience, but benefit of health.

Hot Brew
Small teapot of 200 ml
(3) 5 grams of tea leaf into teapot with 150ml of boiling water;
(4) First brew for 90 secs. Second brew for 60 to 90 secs; extend 10 to 20 sec after each brew. (Can be re-brewed for 6 to 8 times)
Easy Brew
(3) 5 grams of tea leaf into teapot with 350ml to 500ml of boiling water.
(4) First brew for 3 minutes. Extend 1 to 2 minutes after each brew. (Can be re-brewed 3-4 times)

Cold Brew
(3) 5 grams of tea leaf into teapot with 350 to 500 ml of cold water.
(4) Storage into refrigerator for 6 to 8 hours or until the liquid becomes golden yellow.

Product: Pouchong Oolong Tea
Ingredient: Oolong tea, jasmine petal
Origin: Nantou, Taiwan
Type: Loose tea
Valid period: 2 years

Product Certification

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : TT ,PayPal
  • Minimum Order : 1 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2018-08-31
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