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Intensive Repair Cream - Genetic Repair

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Key Features

Fighting against free radical and inflammation reaction that causes skin allergy.

Excessive inflammation reaction is the main cause of skin aging. The inflammation pathways are: 1. Cell receives outer irritation. 2. It releases chemical elements to call for help ( IL-1 IL-6 PGE-2) .3. Transcription factor NF-KB triggers genes related to inflammation. 4.White blood cells and giant cells fight against irritating elements. 5. Inflammation damages normal tissues in neighboring areas.
We use the most natural ingredients to fix the main cause of excessive skin inflammation, turning sensitive skin to normal while reducing damages caused by inflammation. Stunning results for your own experience.
How to Use
Thoroughly clean the face and neck, press the bottle for about 4 times, take the cream in your hands, apply to whole face and neck, where it needs. To reduce forehead lines, massage gently from the center of brows, up and outwards. For eye wrinkle and under-eye bags, use the pad of middle finger, start from the points near the nose bridge, massage around the sockets, gently press, tap and dap, moving outwards. To reduce nasolabial folds, start from the two side the nose, use the first two sections of your middle finger to gently press down. For chin lift, massage upwards from under the mouth towards the ears.
For daily skin care, use the pad of the index finger to circle inwards out on other parts of the face. Use the thumbs to massage the neck upwards.
Keep away from heat and sunlight.
Keep out of reach of children.
Though the cream is very mild, it is still suggested not to contact eyes. Wash with abundant clean water if cream gets into eyes.
Do not use when skin is already irritated. Do not apply to skin with eczema or large wound.
Do not use for any purpose other than skin care. Avoid misuse.
When stored in low temperature, sediments might be found in the bottle, which do not compromise the quality of cream. Please do not worry.

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Last Update : 2015-06-20
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