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Honey black tea 300g

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Honey black tea

Key Features

Honey black tea Few crops have been infected with pests and diseases, but the added value has increased, but the tea honey tea products are a special example. What is honey tea? Honey is tea and honey produced, or tea processing generated by the process? This is the most common consumer asked the question. At present in science has been confirmed, only after a small green leafhopper after taking tea raw materials after processing to produce natural honey flavor. That is to be made with a natural honey of the tea, tea buds must be small green leaf cicadas is a necessary condition. The most characteristic of honey tea is that it has a very soft and attractive natural "honey" (or dragonfly), so many consumers once drank honey tea to put it down, which is why the Indian Darjeeling black tea and Taiwan Oriental beauty tea (Bentonite) is also known as the top black tea and the top oolong tea reasons. The senses of human beings are very sensitive, especially in the combination of complex chemical composition of the fragrance of comprehensive judgments, the human senses are far better than the modern precision of the analytical instruments, a lot of food flavor of the comprehensive discrimination, only by the human senses can be identified The As the description of the fragrance, because of the different ethnic and cultural differences, Darjeeling black tea to "Muscat or Muscatel flavor or Sweet muscat grape flavor" said, the Taiwanese. Black tea is the most harmonious tea, not only hot and cold drink Safe, and adjustable and a variety of flavor and fruit, called all the tea among the "immortal girl and magic princess." The traditional black tea re-taste, do not pay attention to the aroma, tea industry improvement field Taitung East for the lack of black tea, the use of small green leaf cicadas tea raw materials, developed into "honey black tea", in addition to focus on the taste of black tea, Its elegant fragrance quality, this tea cold, hot drink all ages, especially cold drinks, honey is more alcohol and, if you want to drink really good black tea, honey tea is the best choice.

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Last Update : 2017-05-13
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