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High Quality a series of Skin Care Products

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Key Features

Compound Essence

Key Features

There are 5 different Compound Essences.  Add Carthamustinctorius essence and Cranberry essence, making skin moisturize very well,letting skin shiny and flexible.


Facial Massage Oil

Key Features

There are 6 differentFacial Massage Oils.  Theses contain 100% natural essential oils.


Body Massage Cream

Key Features

There are 5 different Body Massage Oils containing natural herb essences.  After using, will refresh and not sticky.



Nature Floral water

Key Features

There are 10 different floral waters forall types of skin.  They are moderate, no additives and pure. 


Original Essence

Key Features

There are 10 different Original Essences and 24 hours take care for your skin. 


Facial Cleanser

Key Features

There are 5 different Facial Cleansers cleaning your skin deep.


Make-up Remover

Key Features

There are 5 different Make-up Removers.  They not only take care of your skin but also give you refreshing feeling.


Facial Lotion

Key Features

There are 5 different Facial Lotions adding Shea Butter, Aloin and Punica granatum essence. Skin recover from stimulate all day.


Face Exfoliating

Key Features

There are 5 different Face Exfoliatings adding Pot Marigold essence and BHA.  Rapidly reproduce your shiny skin.


Eye Cream

Key Features

There are 5 different Eye Creams containing high quality Jojoba Oil.  Effectively permeate in depth conditioning, moisturizing, and repairing.


Day Complex

Key Features

There are 5 different Day Complexs adding natural Propolis cera and Echinacea essence. Prevent skin is exposed to the sun and wind becoming dry and drought.


Night Complex

Key Features

Night is the golden time of skin regeneration.  There are 5 different Night Complexs containing Witch Hazel essence and Rosehip.


Recoup Recovery Cream

Key Features

These contain Herb essence and Shea Butter.  Five different Recoup Recovery Creams provide for you.



Item: Golden Moisture Facial Mask / for all types skin

Ingredients: Gold Leaf, White Truffle,Nonapeptide, YeastExtract, Aloe

Key Features: It has special molecules higher decuple nutrients and water than other masks.  Collagen extracts from deep sea algae and collocates with peptide and high quality of facial treatment essence.  Effectively permeate and recall crystal skin quickly.


Item: PearlShiny Facial Mask / for all types skin

Ingredients: Pearlpowder, Q10, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide, Licorice, Chamomile

Key Features: Quickly permeate skin in depth and excellently whiten nature element Q10 enhancing shine of skin.  Contain Sodium nature moisturizing element for skin.

Reduce the skin dry and tight feeling,moisturizing time up to 24 hours


Please contact us for further information about our products.


Last Update : 2013-08-21
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