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Handmade egg roll

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Key Features

Handmade egg roll

  • Heart-easing

  • We persist not to add preservative, pigments, spices and artificial chemical additives during manufacturing operation.

  • When New Year is coming or holidays are the best for gift.However, there is no tip of the handmade egg roll, only spend time and choose the ingredient. Bleikeshop is unique also you can buy the top ingredients without chemical products.

  • We use the highest level of butter. Although the cost is high, it is the direct way to express the love to child also to family just as we treat our customer as same way.



There is no chemical in it. Only flour, eggs, butter, sugar and sesame. That evidences our concept simple ingredient and delicious.


Introduction of egg roll

  1. Flavor: Original, sesame, and twist.

  2. Expiration Date: 45 days.

  3. Date of Manufacture: freshly prepared as ordered.


The difference between other egg rolls store

  1. We persist to not add Preservative, pigments, spices and artificial chemical additives in egg roll.

  2. We persist to use the top butter and don’t use Shortening or lard to make it.

  3. The biggest differences are that Outer: real stuff, bulky and rougher texture.



About US_Bleikeshop


Brand concept

It selected top ingredients and persist to use high quality ingredient.

We persist not to add preservative, pigments, spices and artificial chemical additives.

We put a lot of effort on it and without chemical

Bleikeshop wants every customers just like their family to eat healthy.

It’s handmade production. If you didn’t book in advance, it is difficult to buy. You have to wait if you miss it.

To be unique, not first.

Besides, all the products have SGS certification, it’s safety guaranteed.


Original mind

All the products’ starting point is for our family and children.

Because of our children skin factor, let us care more about what we eat. However, we hope children can eat egg roll, candy and cookies etc greedily and with huge enjoyment. Meanwhile, the children can’t let tainted food influence their healthy. Therefore, we start to develop the product by ourselves.

Hope more people want to eat this kind of healthy product. So that’s why we founded Bleikeshop.



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Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C
  • Minimum Order : 1 Carton/Cartons

Last Update : 2018-01-22
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