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Golden Combined -Nattokinase + Red Rice Yeast Nutrient Capsule

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Golden Combined -Nattokinase + Red Rice Yeast Nutrient Capsule


  • Form : Liquid,Pasty,Powder,Solid
  • Sachet  : Sachet: OEM/ODM
  • Capsule  : Capsule: 500 mg/capsule
  • Nattokinase  : Patent procedure , remove odor , best effective
  • Raw material  : Powder: 1kg/foil bag each ingredient
  • Red Rice Yeast powder-Japan  : Patent procedure, Without Citrinin, (Inspect Limit value<0.05ppm)

Key Features

Protect the Health & Smooth Blood Flow

Golden Combined -Nattokinase + Red Rice Yeast Nutrient Capsule

*Reduce cholesterol / Triglycerides  /Prevent  Thrombus 


 Main Ingredients: Patent Nattokinase powder (Owns the appraisal report of fungus)

                 Patented Japan Red Rice Yeast powder


.Patent Nattokinase Powder:

 *Patented Procedure, Exclusive technique, nattokinase won’t be damaged by   

  gastric acid.


iglyceridesWithout purine by experiment, It is suitable for the population of high uric acid

  and gout.

 *Remove Vitamin K2.

 *Owns the appraisal report of fungus and the sequence report of gene.

 *Top quality, it owns high potency content of function ingredient

 * Per experiment to proved the activity of Nattokinase is still exist when it's on the  


 * Per other Studies to know the Nattokinase can helpful for blood's fluidity,    decompose Thrombus and repair blood smooth flow if embolism.


Patent Red Rice Yeast powder:

*By documents shown the main effect of red yeast : reduce blood fat, cholesterol and Triglycerides

* The powder with top quality comes from Japan 

* Without Citrinin, (Inspect Limit value<0.05ppm)

* 100% pure natural top quality Red Rice yeast with Solid Cultivated to  

 fermentation, the fungus is Monacolin K.

* Richly Amino acid , Vitamin ,mineral and Co Q10

* The heat resistant fine -proof for 160 degree centigrade

* Owns the bacterial strain gene sequencing reports 

* Passed the experiments of Acute toxicity, Subacute toxicity and Variation native

* Promotion Metabolism, Adjustment Physique, Adjustment physiological function,

 Maintain Health


Payment Details

  • Minimum Order : 10,000 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2017-12-01
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