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Gold Natural Tea 60g-the double (1 set), Taiwan Natural Oolong/Jinsuan Tea

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100%Taiwan Natural Tea_chemical free!


  • Type : Oolong/Jinsuan Tea
  • Packaging : Box, Gift Pack(box+handbag)

Key Features

Model No.:


Product Name:

Gold Natural Tea 60g-the double (1 set)

Product Category:

Taiwan Natural Tea, Natural Grown/Cultivated Tea, Organic/Natural farming, chemical free, hand selected tea leaves, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Jinsuan Tea, Paochong Tea, Black Tea, Oriental Beauty Tea, Alishan Oolong Tea/Jinsuan Tea/Black Tea, Lishan Tea, Fushoushan Tea, Dayuling Tea, Taiwan high mountain tea, gift/souvenirs, beverage, vegetarian food, healthy tea, chemical free, no pesticides(ND), CAS Organic/SGS...


HJ Royal Tea~100% Taiwan Natural Tea

Taiwan natural grown/cultivated tea (chemical free) is from natural farming with CAS Organic or SGS...Certificate.



 Content / 

    Net Weight:


Taiwan natural tea(loose tea)60g±5%1 box(2 glass cans)+1 handbag

Note: tea 60g=Oolong Tea 30g+Jinsuan Tea 30g

(box size=12x9x7cm ; handbag size=12.5x9x18.5 cm)


  • Taiwan natural grown/cultivated tea is from chemical-free natural farming with CAS Organic/SGS...
  • Hand selected tea leaves
  • Vegetarian food, healthy tea
  • Paper box(outside), gift/souvenirs pack
  • Glass cans pack(inside) and oxygen absorber(food grade)
  • Taiwan Product liability insurance NT$10 millions

★ EXP.:

2 years(See side of box)


Taiwan, ROC

 Brand / Country:

HJ / Taiwan, ROC
 Customized: 12 tea sorts(Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Jinsuan Tea, Paochong Tea, Black Tea, Oriental Beauty Tea, Alishan Oolong Tea/Jinsuan Tea/Black Tea, Lishan Tea, Fushoushan Tea, Dayuling Tea); OEM

Note: Estimated delivery time is only for reference.


The features of Oriental Beauty Tea:

Oriental Beauty Tea(Dongfang Meiren, pong-fong), or White Tip Oolong or Champagne Oolong, is a heavily oxidized/fermented, non-roasted tea originating in Taiwan.

It is named as Oriental Beauty Tea that Queen Elizabeth II loved the tea for its beautiful tea leaves and charming taste.

The speciality of the tea its unique flavor which leads from the insects(tea green leafhopper, Jacobiasca formosana) suck the phloem juices of the tea stems, leaves, and buds.

This tea has natural fruity aromas and produces a sweet-tasting liquor, bright amber to reddish-orange in color.


Product Certification

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : Other ,TT ,PayPal


    HJ Natural Tea_chemical free!

Last Update : 2018-10-10
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