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Ginger Drink

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Key Features

Natural, Original, Mellow

Ginger Drink warms the stomach and is great to have a cup on a cold day. Superior quality ginger is boiled together with brown sugar to fully infuse the nutrition of ginger. Ginger Drink is full of iron and calcium. It is suitable for postpartum women, people who stay up to work overtime, adjust the physiqueor strengthen physical power.

Ingredients:Ginger, Brown Sugar.

cold day or stays up

5 packs/box, 10 packs/box

每一份量 10公克(Serving size: 10g)

  每份 每份提供每日
  熱量 / Energy 38  大卡 / Kcal 1.9 %
  蛋白質 / Protein 0.2  公克 / g 0.3 %
  總脂肪 / Total Fat 0 公克 / g -
    -飽和脂肪 / Saturated Fat 公克 / g -
    -反式脂肪 / Trans Fat 公克 / g -
  碳水化合物 / Carbohydrate 9.3  公克 / g 2.9 %
    -膳食纖維 / Dietary Fiber 毫克 / mg -
    -糖份 / Sugers 7.39  公克 / g -
  鈉 / Sodium 2.61  毫克 / mg 0.1%
  鈣 / Calcium 9.25  毫克 / mg 1.2 %
  鐵 / Iron 0.6  毫克 / mg 4 %

  Specially select Taiwan ginger which had grown over 2 years. Need not to boil, just addhot water.

Use natural ingredients. No pesticides, preservatives or any artificial agents.

Certifiedby ISO22000. Our production processes conform to international standard.

Certifiedby HACCP. Free from melamine, insecticides, E. coli, and other microorganisms.

Certifiedby HALAL. Qualified Islamic Food.

Certifiedby SGS. Free from E. coli.

Contain iron, calcium and natural dietary fiber. No cholesterol.

Vegetarian. 100% made in Taiwan.


通过 ISO-22000:2005 国际验证
※防制三聚氰胺、农药残留、大肠杆 菌、微生物…等污染。※避免产品遭受到物理性、化学性、生物性..等的污染。
通过 HACCP 国际食品验证
通过 HALAL 清真食品国际验证
通过 邓白氏 企业认证
2004 年荣获产品优良奖

Main Export Market

Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania

Last Update : 2015-03-02
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Ginger Drink
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