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Functional Pineapple Pastry, cookies, biscuit, pastry,

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Pineapple Pastry(DS011)
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Key Features

Key features: 1. The natural Monascus enzyme and Aspergillus enzyme created a very unique flavor which resulted to a healthy & delicious taste. 2. All hand-made, supplies are limited. 3. Produced by order only. Ingredients: Flour、Butter、Egg、Sugar、Milk powder、 Pineapple paste、Monascus、Aspergillus Packing: Monascus X 6 Aspergillus X 6 Shelf life: 60 days Story of " Pineapple Pastry ": It was said that the Chinese Wedding Pastry originated from "Three Kingdom Dynasty" (B.C.220~280), but now the wedding pastry in Taiwan are including six different tastes which symbolize six etiquettes, one of that is made of "pineapple" (Taiwanese pronunciation is "Won-Lai"-greetings of having outstanding descendants). Besides, "pineapple" is also a very welcome fruit for Taiwanese people when the ceremonies of worship are held, of which means "prosperous" , "exuberant" and "good fortune" . At the beginning, Pineapple Pastry was big, not so many people could afford it, therefore the pastry chef in Taichung city reduced its size about sixty years ago. Day after day, the modern-day "Pineapple Pastry" had been developed to combine "western pastry recipe as the outside skin" and "Chinese-style pineapple paste as the inside filling" . This unique pineapple flavor pastry is so delicious that everyone just can't help themselves to love it. Consequently, "Pineapple Pastry" becomes one rare and famous present of "Taichung City" . Tourists from worldwide bring this delicacy back to their country is very popular today.

Last Update : 2010-03-03
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