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Fujian gift boxes

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  • 福建禮盒 : many specification

Key Features

Fujian gift boxes

     Chinese living ancient open kitchen seventimes a day since ancient times Chai, rice, oil, salt, butter, vinegar, tea,early agricultural society to firewood and charcoal cooking food and boiledwater, stove fire is indispensable in agricultural age, the wood usedcollectively referred to as firewood, so Chai Lie will be the first, the modernrepresentative of the stove collectively, with the firewood behind thereligious sacrificial supplies and also with the combination of firewood(incense burner, net furnace), and more representative of the meaning ofgenerations.


     Rice food in many traditional countries isbased on the rich people as a result of political achievements on behalf of thegood rice culture is not only nationalities and folklore can be one of theoptions for foreign tourists, but also a rich export of rice and nationalincome sources, military food is the country's survival Protection; eat rice isrefined rice cultural characterization.


     Selected and healthy oils make ithealthier for everyone is what everyone wants. Healthy vegetable oil is thefirst choice. Peanut oil, bitter tea oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, sesame oiland sesame oil are indispensable for health.


     Salt is the human body must eat salt andhealth salt, it is essential family.


Foodculture in the more ethnic condiments according to their respective livingenvironment has its own options to make your taste buds more appetite, allkinds of sauces in response to the birth of chili sauce, peanut butter, sesamepaste, toon mixed sauce, rose petal sauce, foie gras, Fish sauce and so on.


     Vinegar is also a seasoning health vinegarand health enzymes, these are essential for life, rice vinegar, fruit enzymes,flower enzymes and more focus on the development of the food industry focus.


     Since its own tea is indispensable topeople's lives enjoy tea, black tea, green tea, oolong tea, fruit tea, herbaltea, Pu'er tea, health tea, each with its own characteristics and the market.


Thecompany special to represent Taiwan's life aesthetics into gift boxes are asfollows:

 Bundle of firewood 45 g + good edge 2 hoursmicro-disk 20 volumes (firewood) + Kuehiguchi rice 300g a pack of ancient pitfarmers will be bitter tea oil 250ml bottle + healthy salt 300g a pot + Pulipeasant association toon XO sauce 360g bottle+ Two forestry farmers will beprobiotics Dragon fruit 6gX12 + Oolong tea 150g top + a top honey tea 150g acan

    Each group of market price NT $ 2,875 yuanRMB 639 yuan USD $ 95.84 yuan

(1)Order Quantity 1 ~ 50 boxes  per box NT $ 2,875 yuan RMB 639.0yuan USD $ 95.84 yuan.

(2)Order Quantity 51 ~ 100 boxes per box NT $ 2,588 yuan RMB 575.0 yuan USD $86.25 yuan.

(3) order quantity 101 ~ 300 boxes per box NT $ 2,300 yuan  RMB 511.1 yuan USD $ 76.67 yuan.

(4) OrderQuantity 301 ~ 500 boxes per box NT $ 1,999 yuan  RMB 444.2 yuan USD $ 66.64 yuan.

(5) OrderQuantity 501 ~ 1,000 boxes Each box NT $ 1,725 yuan RMB 383.3 yuanUSD USD $ 57.5 yuan.

(6) Order Quantity 1,001 ~ 3,000Packs Per Pack NT $ 1,579 yuan RMB 350.8yuan USD USD $52.63 yuan.

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C

Last Update : 2018-05-21
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