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S0001 透亮保濕妝前乳
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  • Feature : Moisturizer,Nourishing,Skin Revitalizer
  • Use : Day,Night

Key Features

產品介紹: 此款嬌貴及輕薄的乳液驚人的柔和,塗抺後形成極細緻薄膜,迅速吸收,提供敏感肌膚所缺乏的柔滑水嫩。成份含有乳油木果脂及泛醇防止表面的水份流失,加強皮膚的防護功用。成膜聚合物連結保溼劑能促進皮膚保水度,使其結合為水嫩豐富的質地。最後添加棉的萃取物舒緩皮膚消炎功效,來自維他命E 的一種(前質)抗氧化劑,強化保濕作用,能使肌膚柔軟而保持水分,形成防護膜。 PRODUCT This delicate and airy emulsion is surprisingly soft when applied and leaves an extremely fine film. Rapidly absorbed, it gives sensitive skin the features that it is lacking: suppleness and moisture. This facial moisturiser fights against the epidermal moisture loss thanks to shea butter and D-panthenol, which strengthen the barrier function of the skin. A filmogenic polymer coupled with humectants boosts the hydration of the skin so that it rediscovers a supple and plump texture. Finally, the cotton extract will soothe the skin and regulate the causes of inflammation, strengthened by the antioxidant effect of vitamin E. Loving Freshwater brings softness and hydration to the skin, like a protective cocoon.

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : TT
  • Minimum Order : 100 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2017-03-16
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