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Enticing Scented Tea Set – Fruity Oolong

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Juicy refreshing summer fruit fragrance combine with light-to-mid-roasted oolong tea, give you a laid-back teatime.

Key Features

Enticing Scented Tea Set – Fruity Oolong
Flavored tea icon you should try. For these blends, we use variety called Four Season of Spring oolong from Nantou, with mid-roasted, as base to create a medium-bodied and smooth cup; all the while making sure the sweet fruity notes of the fruit can shine through! 
※can be served whether hot or cold brew!

Litchi Oolong Tea 
Smell the fragrance of the fruit together with a tint of tea aroma. Can be served with sugar or cream, whether hot or cold-brewing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the taste and scent of both the oolong and litchi that blended harmoniously on taste buds.

Peach Oolong Tea 
Fresh tea leaves baked with popular and natural peach flavor, imparts a charming flavor, translucently fruity aroma is reminiscent of a laid-back afternoon.

Product: Enticing Scented Tea Set – Fruity Oolong
Ingredient: Litchi Oolong Tea、Peach Oolong Tea
Origin: Taiwan
Net Weight: 75g×2
Type: Loose
Package: Vacuum packaging bags with tinplated cans / one box with one handbag
Packing size: each can 15×6.5×6.5cm, box 22.5×21.5×7cm
Valid period: 2 years
Note: Please tighten the bag to avoid air exposure, or it'll increase the chances that tea absorbs moisture and odors. Store in a dark cabinet or completely opaque container, and avoid storing tea in humid areas. Sealed in a refrigerator can extend the time of preservation. (Can be stock over 2 years if be kept in a good status.)

* Color may be slightly different as displayed on different devices and screens.

Last Update : 2018-08-30
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