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Diet, Health Care Pumpkin Vegetable Soup

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  • Type : Instant Powder
  • 3 packs : 3 packs/box

Key Features


KingKung pumpkin vegetable soup is made of pumpkin, rice, cereals powder, onion, carrot, celery leaves, etc.
We use real pumpkin to make the drink, you can not only eat the crushed pumpkin pieces but also have the sweet taste of pumpkin. With the ingredients of onion, corn starch, carrot, celery leaves and others, make the soup heavenly and superb.
It must need time to cook fresh pumpkin soup. Our product is powdered package. It’s easy to take and brew. Put some water and stir for a few second then you can enjoy this nutritional soup.
The pumpkin pieces in the pumpkin soup are made from carefully selected pumpkins, cleaned, chopped and dried. The process is strictly controlled.


Pumpkin soup is a very common soup, but a bowl of delicious pumpkin soup will take a lot of work and time. So, we shorten whole complicated and time-consuming process to make it convenient for customers. It’s tasty and won’t lose the fresh pumpkin soup.


The major ingredient is pumpkin. Pumpkin contains starch, protein, carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus and other ingredients. Rich in nutrition, not only has a higher food value, but also has a role in diet cannot be ignored.

In addition, pumpkin’s calories are not high, not only add enough vitamins and dietary fiber, but also increase satiety, is very beneficial to those who are trying to lose weight or want to maintain weight.

To balance nutrition, we add onion, carrot and other vegetables. After research confirmed, onion will prevent you from getting cold and carrot is good for eyes. Other vegetables are also good for health.

If you really like pumpkin soup, you must try our product. It’s health care, yummy and marvelous.

Product information

Careful select materials

Every step from raw materials to package is be strictly monitor.Without preservative and artificial coloring to make sure safety and healthy.

Compexity of texture

It tastes like pumpkin soup and there are some pumpkin pieces in it.

Made in Taiwan

Use local ingredients.

100 % made in Taiwan.

 Assure Quality

  • HACCP certified
  • ISO-22000 certified
  • HALAL certified
  • SGS certified.

Product detail

Product: Pumpkin Vegetable Diet(Lacto Vegetarian)

Ingredients: Pumpkin Powder, Rice, Cereals Powder(Barley, Wheat, Oat, Buckwheat, Brown Rice, Millet, Black Glutinous Rice, Lotus Seeds, Gorgon Fruit, Red Job’s Tears),Non-dairy Creamers (Glucose Syrup, Palm Oil, Sodium Caseinate, Salt),Onion Powder, Carrot Powder, Com Starch, Rock Sugar, Salt, Yeast Powder, Celery Leaves, Kelp Powder, Kelp Extract.

Specification:25g x 3packs

Serving Time: Every time.

Recommend:2-3times a day.

Notice: Please finish as soon as possible. Keep in the cool and dry place.

Exp Data: As shown as the box.

Shelf Life:12 months.

Made In Taiwan.

Manufacturer by: KingKung Health Food Co., Ltd

Add:No.12,Lane 94,Xinmin St., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235,Taiwan(R.O.C)



Use Direction

Three steps and easy to drink.

1.Pour in 180c.c. boiling water and stir.

2.Open the package.

3.Stir and ready to drink.

Product Certification

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : PayPal ,Alipay


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