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BLACK GARLIC(250g)(10packs)

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economic pack(250g)
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Natural fermentation,

Key Features

"Instant access to premium black garlic"
* Poke films Vera, fragrant Q, sour, sweet, delicious
Natural wellness nutrition

Natural fermentation, rich in dissolved nutrients: amino acid, group of vitamins, minerals and enzymes

No pesticides, no preservatives, no artificial added

* Black snub-a to introduce Japan technology, removing garlic smell, after a certain temperature,
Humidity and time place, naturally fermented cooked back, acid removal of garlic, garlic odour-free,
Tastes like dried fruit, casually delicious, is a natural plant products, good nutrition and healthy.

*-Fermented black garlic cooked back, can make garlic own proteins into the body daily
Desired Oligosaccharide 18 kinds of amino acids and fruit and rich in minerals, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, iodine, Silicon
And vitamins a, b and c and polyphenol substances. More than 10 times of its activity is garlic,
Water soluble ingredients, easily absorbed by the body.

* This product has passed the United States FDA type approval and testing by SGS no pesticides and preservatives *

The nutritional value of black garlic:
Activity of black garlic allicin is garlic 10 times, according to the Institute of food industry survey report, Taiwan black garlic hydrolysis of amino acid content in 100g up to 6170mg, the Japan Black Black garlic 4990mg garlic 4652mg, China are much higher.

100 grams of black garlic contains
Hydrolysis of 18 kinds of amino acid 6170mg
Total polyphenols 717.5mg
Sodium Na430.7mg
Calcium Ca33.42mg
Magnesium Mg41.20mg
Iron Fe1.20mg
Zinc Zn1.92mg

Hydrolysis of 18 kinds of amino acid content in table 100g

Glutamic acid 1179.46mg
Lysine 226.41mg
Arginine 949.96mg
Crisp acid 214.39mg
Aspartic acid 731.87mg
Phenyl alanine 212.16mg
Leucine 409.41mg
ProLine 194.87mg
Alanine 371.57mg
Histidine 98.70mg
Valine 351.35mg
Cysteine 77.81mg
Glycine 305.53mg
S-acid 31.41mg
Tyrosine 290.67mg
Tryptophan 23.28mg
Serine 255.03mg
ISO-Leucine 245.86mg

Weight: 250g*10
Package size: length 30 cm wide and 25 cm, height 40 cm
Origin: Taiwan
Shelf life: one year.
Storage: keep dry, is not edible after unpacking is complete, sealed storage.

Product Certification

Last Update : 2013-12-05
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