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Biotechnology Nattokinase Ginkgo biloba, Enzyme for ciuculation

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Nattokinase fermented Liquid
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5-in-1 formula renders the vascular

Key Features

Nattokinase Herbal Fermented Liquid

5-in-1 formula renders the vascular health

Nattokinase Herbal Fermented Liquid is made in a highly advanced biotechnology process.Contains the Natto, Monascus purpureus, L-Arginine, Ginkoo biloba fruit and extracts from hundreds of vegetables and fruits. This liquid is to help toactivate body circulation and especially suitable for people who have cardiovascular problems.

Component/ Source of Extraction

1. Natural fruit and vegetable

2. Natto extract (include nattokinase)

3. Monasous purpureus

4. Gingko

5. L-Arginine

Suitable Targets

1. Elderly

2. Greasy food lover

3. People must attend various social events

4. People with busy, high pressure lifestyle

5. Picky eater, vegetarian

6. People want to boost metabolism

7. People care health maintenance

8. People who have cardiovascular problems.


Drink once to twice daily, 20 ml per serve. Drink directly from the bottle or dilute with 5 to 8 times of cold/warm water before drinking, keep the water temperature under 45℃ to maintain the beneficial activity. Better taste when cool, best effect when drink with an empty stomach.

Shelf Life

2 years

Contents/ Specification

600 milliliter per bottle

Why Choose us

Apart from other chemical extracted or synthesis nutrient supplements, Biozyme adapted the unique “Microorganism Symbiosis Ferment Technology (MSF)”. Extract the essential nutrients needed by human body from the natural fruits and vegetables.

Academic speaking, Biozyme invested in research and published one paper per year to evident the effectiveness of our products. We have earned the trust from a large amount of loyal clients from the past three decades, regardless age and gender.

Product Certification

Last Update : 2016-01-04
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