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Baoze-Taiwan High Mountain Tea

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Taiwan Tea
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Key Features


Planted in the forest tablelands of Taiwan mountains with all-year-round misty fogs and

rich organic-contented soils, the tea soup is fresh and clear with sweet taste and silky

smoothness, known as “The Excellence of The Tea”.

★50 Years of Tea Making Experience

★From the altitude 1000 meter

★Elegant scent with gentle flower fragrance

★Hand Picking

★Gently Roasted with richer Oolong Tea Taste

★Soup color – Golden yellow

Brand story:

An old tea farmer from Nantou, who had beard the financial responsibility of whole

family in 1962 while he had just graduated from junior high, had devoted 50 years 

of agriculture in rice, pineapple, mountain potato, and tea farming.  He had just 

dedicated all the efforts, for enhancing and glorifying the delicate farming of Taiwanese tea.  To increase the production, most tea farmers have used 

machine to grow and harvest the tea leaves, to enhance the production 

and profit.  But he insists the tea would be fine quality only with manual 

harvesting.  With his insist, the tea has its own special extra bittersweet 

after-taste.  In 2007, he had built a tea farm, and generously shared the 

seedlings that had grown by his own hands, with other tea farmers; 

and allow more people to experience the outstanding quality.  In 2012, 

Baoze International Co., Ltd was finally founded, for continuing the 50 

years extraordinary tea-making experiences.


1962 - Stared tea farming career for 50 years until today

1984 - Founded Min-pin tea factory focusing on tea


1984 - Joined the local faming association competition, to won the incalculable prizes

2007 - Established the tea seedlings farm and sell to the tea

farmers all over the country

2012 - Founded Baoze International Co., Ltd. to promote

the delicate tea culture

2012 – Won the First class prize in Spring tea competition

Product Certification

Last Update : 2015-07-14
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