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Balsalia BalsaUme

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Key Features

BalsaUme - Fantastically Tasty & Healthy

★ All-natural BalsaUme is Delicious and Healthy
◎ Carefully blended from aged, preserved Ume and aged fruit vinegar.
◎ No artificial preservatives or sweeteners added, absolutely no pesticides or heavy metal residues in product.
◎ All products lovingly grown by small farming cooperatives in Taiwan.
◎ Artisanal blending emphasizes expression of natural flavors and essence of organic ingredients.
◎ Storing at room temperature can allow further development of flavors.
◎ 100% natural, delicious product combines the proven health benefits of preserved Taiwan Ume and European fruit vinegar.
◎ Pairs well with a large number of different foods.
◎ Depth of flavor matches those of  more highly priced extra-aged Balsamic Vinegars from Modena and other areas in Europe.

★ Well-preserved Ume Food Products have Many Proven Health Benefits
◎ Healthy people have been shown to have slightly alkaline blood levels
   (pH index ~7.35), which helps maintain normal metabolism.
◎ Acidic blood levels are typically caused by unhealthy dietary and living habits.
◎ Once blood levels turns acidic, the body’s metabolic functions suffer and the chances of experiencing health problems increase.
◎ Well-preserved Ume and naturally brewed Vinegar have been shown to possess high levels of Organic Acids and Alkaline Minerals that can help restore alkaline blood levels and effectively promote the body metabolism functions .

Bottle Content:300 ml
Preservation Period: 3 years
(under well-sealed condition)
Preservation Condition:Room Temp. 
Prevent high temperature storage
Prevent direct sunlight incidence
Serve within 90 days upon bottle opened

100%  Natural
No Chemical Antiseptics
No Residual Pesticides
No Toxic Heavy Metals
No Cloud Agent Added

Product Certification

Last Update : 2012-04-12
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