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Avocado moisturizing enzyme soap-Facial cleaning-For neutral skin

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Avocado moisturizing enzyme soap-Facial cleaning-For neutral skin


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Key Features

Girls, come and make a beautiful and confident yourself.

Avocado with rich moisture and high level of Vitamin A, B (B2), D and E and with rich lecithin, protein and fatty acid contained in avocado, make this product is easily penetrated the skin and absorbed into skin. Well perfect for dry and rapid changed weather.

Facial cleaning,Moisturizing,Skin tighten,Exfoliation

Facial cleaning and facial cares

For some precious ingredients such as multiple enzymes and polysaccharides contained in this mask soap product, the effects brought with deep cleaning but also provided with exfoliation, make-up remover and skin brightened.

clean,exfoliate,make-up remover,skin brighten

Facial cleaning,Moisturizing,Skin tighten,Exfoliation

Facial cleaning,deep clean


nature ingredients,mit

simple deep clean,facial clean

user testimonial,facial clean

user testimonial,facial clean

facial clean,Enzyme mask soap

Make-up remover,Facial cleaning

enzyme soap,exfoliate,clean


Neutral skin

Facial cleaning,Moisturizing,Skin tighten,Exfoliation

skin dull improved,tender and white,translucent skin

Revive,tender and white,skin resilience

oily skin

moisturize,tender and white,improved skin dull


dry skin

exfoliation,improved skin dull,tender and white


For Female Privacy Care

Female privacy care


Product:Avocado moisturizing enzyme soap
Weight: 45g±3g/per (120 washes around. It depends on personal habits.)

moisturizing, firm, exfoliation, make-up remover and cleaning at the same time when applying it on face. It also helps effectively soften the lipid inside the pores and thus to make skin firm, to decrease accumulation of wastes on the skin surface. With the features of gentle texture and the great level of enzyme activity bring much obvious clean white skin than facial cleaning.

Avocado enzyme, avocado extracts, polysaccharides essence, fruit enzymes, almond oil, olive oil and lecithin.
Expiration date: 3 Years
Permit: Taichung Health Cosmic Guang Zi No.10503344
1.Do not soak in the water or rinse with water.
2.Keep soap dry and place in a cool and dry place.
3.Stop using this product when feeling uncomfortable after used. Call us for further consult.

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  • Minimum Order : 300 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2017-03-06
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