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As.Me - Quinoa Essence(Liquid,Moisturizing)

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Keep your beautiful secrets


  • Feature : Anti-Wrinkle,Lightening,Moisturizer
  • Size : 30ML

Key Features

As.Me - Quinoa Essense

Keep your beautiful secrets

The name of brand -- AsMe Skincare originates from abbreviation Austin and his mate Michelle. Both we are romantic pisces, so we start with caring others, based on the principle of safe and effective to create and design our production. AsMe Skincare searches high quality native plants in Taiwan, and makes good local products. We use globalization thinking to promote our brand to the world. AsMe Skincare wants to convey an idea which is same important about visual enjoyment, so we still take care of paper tube package design into unique and pleasure. As.Me must respect the environmental protection, so we use paper tube instead of metals and plastics to pack our product. Paper tube can reduce the pollution about electroplate. This is not only care products but also show your elegance. In the same time of using, make you feel more happiness.

With Highly-effective moisturizing

Rich in lots of essences such as Licorice, Panax Ginseng, Yam, Horsetail, and also add effect ingredient “Allantoin”, which can relieve skin dryness and aging. Strength locking in and enhance moisturizer to keep skin have fresh-complexioned whole day.


Precious anti-aging formula

Rich in Taiwanese native plants - Red Quinoa and green tea extract which can block collagen aging from the source help delaying fine lines on skins due to time going by. Besides, rutin in red quinoa can maintain blood vessels’ flexibility and keep facial skin young.


Restrain melanin precipitation

Niacinamide can help skin metabolism, promote melanin keratinocytes shedding, and keep skin tender. Green tea extract is help for skin to anti-ultraviolet, and prevent melanin precipitation which have skin show young state.


Improve rough skin

Allantoin has well smoothing function and enhances nutrients absorption for skin which makes skin smoothing and flexibility. It is including many plants extract essences which can improve skin sensitivity and drying problems.


Check it out : https://www.facebook.com/asmeskincare/

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Last Update : 2018-01-04
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