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Antrodia Camphorata

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Key Features

Antrodia ExAllergic 

Powder in 500mg, 60 capsules per bottle

Including compound prescription of 15 mushrooms as follows:

  1. Antrodia camphorata
  2. Ganoderma lucidum
  3. Cordyceps sinensis
  4. Agarivales
  5. Phellinus linteus
  6. Corilus versicolor
  7. Lentinus edodes
  8. Agrocybe aegerita
  9. Pleurotus citrinopileatus
  10. Schizophyllum commune
  11. Grifola frondosa
  12. Poria cocos
  13. Inonotus obliguus
  14. Flammulina velutipes
  15. Pleurotus eryng


Each capsule contains 5 Lactic Acid Bacteria including lactobacillus casei, lactobacillus plantarum, lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis and

Streptococcus lactis.


To maintain the normal flora.

To tone up the physical constitution

To smooth bowel movement


No artificial additives, no preservatives.

Consult with physician when baby, pregnant woman, breast feeder to use.

1~2 capsules per dose, 2~3 doses a day before meals

Antrodia  (ExAllergic), Nutrient Food


 All main materials are of nature produced with hi-tech extracting skill and techniques. And , we also provide a lot of consulting services to customers when needed.

Last Update : 2019-01-03
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