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​AŚOKA Royal Jelly Enzyme Powder

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The Secret of the Queen Bee Royal Jelly Enzyme Powder A holy product for keeping healthy in Taiwan and abroad from ancient to modern period of time. Royal Jelly is milky goo secreted from the royal jelly gland in the head of a worker bee. It is the only food Queen Bee needs for her growth in life as well as the source of energy for her to keep healthy, live long, and lay 1000-2000 eggs every day. Besides, a worker bee lives for a month, but Queen Bee can live as long as 3-5 years. Main ingredients in Royal Jelly The main ingredients include active protein, capric acid, glycoprotein, enzyme, and others. Royal Jelly is rich with vitamins, pantothenic acid, niacin, folic acid, vitamins, a lot of amino acids, and minerals, etc. The function of royal jelly Royal jelly is a highly effective natural general dietary supplement, able to improve health, regulate physiological function, reinforce physical strength, and beautify the skin. You will feel extremely satisfied with the effect when digesting it for a long time. 1. To eliminate fatigue and reinforce physical strength. 2. To reduce fatigue and keep energized. 3. To enhance appetite. 4. To make defecation smooth. 5. To help sleep well. 6. To regulate physiological function. 7. To make the skin bright and elastic. 8. To regulate endocrine and relieve symptoms during menopause. 9. To nourish those with a weak constitution, after giving birth, or just recovering from a disease. 10. With many kinds of nutrients, the product keeps you healthy. Introduction to erythritol Erythritol is used to serve as a carrier to make AŚOKA Royal Jelly Enzyme Powder. Erythritol is a natural functional sugar, produced by hypertonic yeast after glucose is gained through enzymatic decomposition with starch as the raw material. Scientific name Tetritols, erythritol is a more ideal low calorie sweetener. It has low calorie, good crystallization, tastes good, and is non-cariogenic. Therefore, it is suitable for those needing weight control, safe for patients with diabetes, and can be widely used in a variety of foods. Erythritol is type 11 seasoning (Department of Health, Taiwan, 2007) and can be adequately used in a variety of foods depending on the actual needs. Introduction to capric acid Royal Jelly has unique sour flavor and fragrance, which comes from 10-hydroxy-2 decanoic acid, a kind of phytontid, biolostimulation, capric acid, able to kill bacteria in plants. In nature, only Royal Jelly contains capric acid. Antioxidants can keep us healthy and energetic SOD—Superoxide dismutase is a natural antioxidant. The main function of SOD is anti-oxidation, removing excessive free radicals, protect cells from oxidation, and keep them healthy. Therefore, we need to keep health by eating food with more natural anti-oxidants. Many foods in the market have the function of anti-oxidation. For example, some soybean products are often called SOD-like because they have functions similar with SOD oxidation. However, they are not as good as really SOD. We take in food with high SOD to eliminate bad “hydroxyl radicals” to protect our immune system. Certified by Duff Rhine Germany, the Royal Jelly from the primitive forests selected by AŚOKA has 16,400,000 units of SOD per 100 grams, more than any other similar product in the market.

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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